Guides 6th Generation Accord Oil Change Kit

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  1. These are the items I used when I did an oil change on my 6th Generation when I had it.

    They are

    Oil (although I used 5W 40 in the 6th Generation)

    Oil filter

    Sump plug washer (seen on top of the oil filter box)

    17mm socket out of a socket set (to remove the sump plug bolt)

    Oil 1.

    Oil 2.

    Breaker bar (not essential as the bolt is not tight so a ratchet from a socket set or a spanner can be used instead to undo the sump bolt but the bar makes for a nice easy life)

    Oil filter removal tool (looks like a three legged metal spider)

    Ratchet (on the right in the second pic, for use with the oil filter removal tool)

    Bucket (to drain the old oil into)

    Old baking tray (to collect the oil which escapes from the old oil filter when removed)

    Torque wrench (on the right in the first pic - set it so it clicks when the bolt reaches the required torque/tightness which is 44Nmn - but if you don't have one just turn the bolt until you feel the washer start to crush a bit).

    Funnel (not shown in the pics but comes in handy to pour the new oil into the engine and the old oil into a can for disposal at the waste tip).

    Some old cloths and rags also come in very handy.
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