Engine & Gearbox 6th Generation Accord timing belt

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  1. If you buy a second hand 6th Generation Honda Accord you need to ensure the timing belt has been changed when it should have been.

    If the belt breaks, the valves hit the pistons, and the engine will probably become damaged beyond economic repair.

    Honda specify that the belt should be changed every 8 years or 70,000 miles, whichever comes first, as the belt degrades with time as well as distance driven.

    The belt can be changed at a Honda main dealer under the Honda Happiness fixed price repair scheme for £295 all in. It is worth asking them to change the balancer shaft belt at the same time which will only cost a few pounds extra.

    The pulleys and water pump should be checked by the technician at the same time but there are not any major known issues with these items so they are unlikely to need changing as well. The exception is the automatic belt tensioner on the Accord Type-R H22 engine which can be problematical. Your mechanic will be able to advise further.

    For the definitive list of timing belt maintenance schedules
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