General 6th Generation coupe -Sanity check please.

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    Richie Northants
    Morning guys,

    Can I have a some opinions on the coupe I'm going to go and look at possibly Friday or Saturday.

    This is the link to the car

    It's by far the nicest V6 I've seen since I started searching but does the price seem a little excessive to you guys?

    The service history is impressive and it appears spotless but it seems a lot of money for a 13 year old car even with the low mileage, plus im not a great fan of those rubbing strips on the side.

    I drove a couple of 2 litre coupes over the last week or so and even the tatty gold one from car and classic felt like a special place to be, so I have high hopes of the V6 versions.
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    From the photos and description it looks lovely, especially as the mileage can be verified by the service history. Really like these Accords and have often found myself surfing them on the net as the prices look so tempting!

    As with all cars, the proof will be seeing it in the flesh and making sure that the panels all have their original paint etc. with no sign of serious damage at any point in its life.

    £3495 feels like quite a lot, but where could you get another one in that condition/history? Interesting to know how long the dealer has had the car as that may give an indication of how a cheeky bid would be received...:Wink:

    For me it comes down to whether you are going to use it as a "show" car and be able to retain the condition (and value), or whether an above average example for £1-2k would give you just as much pleasure without the worry of keeping it mint.
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    England CJ Leeds
    I would concur with Ed that is a LOT of money for a niche car and by the look of the engine bay and the fluid quality in the power steering and brake master cylinder reservoirs this car will need all its fluids changing.

    The price is OTT if you ask me for a car not that popular.
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    Richie Northants
    Thanks for the replies chaps, your pretty much thinking along the lines of the way I have come round to thinking that it's nice but over priced.

    I've talked to the guy today and discussed the price, I've put forward the point of veiw that its worth 2.8 to 3k at the tops and I'd be quite happy to sort out a deal at that price. He thinks he will have no problems selling it as it's an "appreciating classic" and he wouldn't sell it for that price even if he had to wait all year to sell it, so I've left him to it.

    I'm looking at a local V6 tomorrow morning, much higher milage but a much more reasonable price.
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    If it is still there in a month or two definitely worth another call to see whether he really would wait that long.

    With all classics (or likely classics) I take the view that they are worth what somebody will pay for them. As long as getting your money back isn't a priority, then it's not such an issue - it is about what value the car will have for you personally.

    As an example, if an early 1990's Daihatsu Charade in mint condition came up, I'd be prepared to pay over the odds to get it simply because I used to have one, loved it, and have always regretted selling it (grrr, now ex-wife!):Rant:

    The "usage" element is important too. My old Mini (which is on another post somewhere) was so original and with such a low mileage that the value was dependent on it staying that I ended up almost not being "able" to use it. Hence it got sold, and I'm sure has given somebody else the same problem! I think based on that experience I'd always rather have a "condition 2" classic that I could use and improve rather than a show car...
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    Richie Northants
    No more interest in the overpriced V6 coupe as I've brought one closer to home :Happy:

    119k with 3 previous owners in Silver lots of history, it has a few battle scars but no visible rust, 12 month ticket and 4 months tax for the princely sum of £800!




    Best of all it comes with the high class gold badge and exhaust pipe option :Nuts::Nuts::Nuts::Nuts:



    I'm gonna use her as beater for a year and see how I cope with the costs, if shes still running well I'll spend some cash on getting the paint sorted.

    First thing is to get a service and get the auto transmission fluid swapped out, the change is a little jerky but I think a transmission flush will sort that.

    Would you guys reccomend getting Honda to do this or can I send it to my current mechanich to give it the once over?
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    Tony Northampton
    Hi Richie,
    Pleased to see you've found an Accord,bud, looks a great bargain at that price, be interested to know what sort of MPG you get from her,
    think you made the correct decision going with a 'daily'.
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    Richie Northants
    Ok 4 days in and the issues so far are....

    Jerky gear change between 1st and 2nd - It didn't do this on the test drive, it's not kangerooing but its longer and more pronounced that the other gears, hopefully a flush and fluid change will sort this, if not then there's some serious thinking to do.:Unknown:

    Drivers window doesn't quite close fully - goes up and goes down but stops just short of getting home snugly leaving some wind noise, slight push home closes it up.

    Electric mirrors - they don't adjust up but work in every other direction, has anyone else had this problem, is it a case of pulling the switch, cleaning the contacts and giving it squirt of WD40, they look like a standard switch so if it needs replacing it shouldn't be a problem.

    The gearbox is worrying me, the cars booked in next Tuesday for a service and transmission fluid change with my local mechanic, I've got 10 litres of 5w/40 Optima Vimax from the guys at Lubetech, great service from them and 4lts of transmission fluid from Coxs.

    Does anyone know where I could get a workshop manual for one of these, I'm pretty sure they don't print a Haynes book of lies for these.

    Once my mechanic has given it a once over I'll be a lot happier, I love the car so far, so quiet and (mostly) smooth it's making the drive to work a pleasant one, I'm not giving her a load of boot at the moment until after the service but the sound of that V6 even at low revs is addictive.

    I am getting a lot of stick about the gold badges from my mates, they think I've signed up to become an apprentice pimp:lol:
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    Richie Northants
    Right a quick update is in order.

    Cars been checked over and my mechanics tells me it's a peach of a motor, spotless underneath with the breaks and suspension in fine fettle. He loves the engine, the power and the effortless progress it makes.

    I flushed the gearbox before it went in and he's flushed it again and it's improved it immeasurably, most changes are quicker and sharper, 1st to 2nd is much better as well. The Italian tune up on the way home seemed to do it good, it made me smile as well :Smile:

    Other niggles are almost sorted now, windows seals have been greased with some shin-etzu grease and the window now closes fine and the mirror adjustment switch is now working after a liberal dose of wd40. I've even got lucky with a Honda workshop manual for the car curtesy of Graham of this forum.

    I'm fitting a honda cd changer in the boot tomorrow so all in all I'm a happy bunny, it must be a good car as my wife is nicking it for work and leaving me with the S2000!

    All I need now is a AOC sticker and tax disc holder, who do I send my money too :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Neil Newton Abbot
    That was a good buy for £800 and not too many issues to sort out.
    I also looked at that overpriced coupe on eBay but just couldn't justify the price, a car is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it no matter what it is. I know there are some exceptions but for the most part this does apply.
    The gold bling, a ribbing you may well get, but that's just jealousy.... :lol:
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    Nice car but still overpriced
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    Richie Northants
    I still think it's at least £500 overpriced for the age and type of car it is, a similar V6 Coupe sold for £2250 with 45k on the clock recently.

    Julian at aero Automotive did say he didn't care if the car took till Christmas to sell, just as well really. I've had some more contact from them asking if my initial offer still stands but they suddenly lost interest when I mentioned that I'd have a trade in I'd want £500 for at least.
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