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    Will be needing new tyres soon, so thinking about refurbing / replacing the wheels at the same time. Mine has the 15" wheels and the handbook lists two different 15"sizes:
    15 x 6 JJ
    15 x 6.5 JJ
    How do I know which size i have? (Can't see any writing on them).

    16 x 6.5 JJ

    Does anybody have any suitable wheels they want to move on? Must be good condition and reasonable price. I am in Worcestershire.

    Failing that, can anybody recommend a wheel repair place near me. The main isue is that the lacquer has broken down in some places leading to the powdery corrosion underneath. It is in mostly small patches around finger nail size. Has anybody seen good quality spot repairs on small patches without needing to get the whole wheel stripped & repolished.
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    Richie Northants
    Evening Welland,

    I've been looking at getting another set of alloys on my V6 coupé (I never get bored typing that :Smile:) so I've been doing a bit of research on tyre widths and alloy sizes, here's a couple of links I found useful.

    Car Bibles : The Wheel and Tyre Bible Page 4 of 4
    How to Buy Used Wheel Rims | eBay

    According to what I've gleaned from the 'tinternet the 6 in 6 JJ is the depth of your alloy from one side to another from bead to bead in inches so in therory

    6j = 6" wide alloys
    6.5j = 6.5" wide alloys

    You should be able to check that with a tape I would imagine.

    Are yours 4 or 5 stud, it seems to me that even shoddy examples on ebay go for a lot of money unless your looking to buy some real tatty chod and refurbish yourself. I've not seen any Coupe wheels on at all, I'd really like a spare set of original wheels for my coupe but they seem to be quite rare.
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    Hi There,
    Thanks for your reply.

    Do you think that the original wheels on 6th Generation coupes were specially for the coupes? I'm not particularly interested in maintaining the original look of the car, just in making it look nice (ie aftermarket or other Honda wheels are OK). Don't get me wrong, the original wheels are fine - not too many fiddly bits to clean - just getting a bit corroded in places. Mine have 4 studs.

    I think you are correct about ebay being over priced, but there are bargains to be had. I got an excellent set of wheels for my other car a couple of years ago. As new condition at very reasonable price. :Smile:

    I have come across another problem with buying non-original wheels - I would need the Offset dimension as well. (As I said earlier - nothing seems to be marked on the wheels).

    (What is the windows shortcut for the accented "e" in "coupe"?)
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    Richie Northants
    I don't think I've ever seen the chunky 5 spoke/5 stud alloys on the V6 coupes on any other Honda in this country, I don't know about the 2.0 alloys, they are quite distinctive but I don't recall seeing them on anything else.

    The offset is either 50 or 55 for Hondas I believe, one of the links I posted has a calculation tool on it to help you know how other wheels would fit.

    I think that the coupes need quite a chunky style alloy as its such a big car, alloys with spindly spokes might make the rest of the car seem to heavy, especially in a light color.

    I like a lot of the older style Honda rims from Accords, Civics and Preludes which mostly seem to be 4 studs, the 5 stud hub gives me more choice of the more modern rims from Honda but I'm not sure they will suit the car. I seem to remember Seeing a nice set of Accord Type-R rims on eBay over the last few days with a 4 stud pattern.

    No idea about the short cut, my speed checker in Firefox auto corrects it :Unknown:
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    Hmmm. Do you think 5-stud wheels were standard on the 3.0, or an optional extra? What do yours look like? You can see mine on this thread: http://hondakarma.com/threads/7334/
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    Just reading through and this is all can pitch in:
    é = hold ALT and type 0233
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    é éé é é
    It works!:Happy:...... But only with the numbers on the right of the keyboard - not with those along the top.

    (Now to remember the code:Blushing:)
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    Richie Northants
    The 5 stud hubs are standard for the 3.0 I believe, certainly all of the 3.0 on autotrader/eBay have 5 stud wheels.

    My alloys look like this

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    Nice. :Thumbup:

    Getting off topic now, (but it's my thread, so that's OK)...
    1) How do you decide on whether to take the coupé (I remembered :Wink:) or the S2000. I've always fancied an S2000, but unfortunately, it's not really compatible with my life at the moment.

    2) I don't remember seeing a chopper with a two-piece saddle before :Blink:

    I reeeeally must go to bed now. :Bye:
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    Richie Northants
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