Guides 6th Generation Droplinks in 5mins

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    Just a provisional entry in case any folks are due to do this job. This one is a bit different from my other howto's as I decided to video part of it in order to show it real-time. Its obviously unedited so can see the speed of removal of the rusted nuts.

    Will follow up with detailed step by step and might tweak the vid a bit....hope its helps.

    I am using some tools that you might not have or consider laying out the cost to acquire them, the main tools excluding the usual stuff like chisel-screwdriver, hex keys and prybar are

    Dewalt Dw059 (already had the batteries)
    Sunex 14mm Deep Wobble Impact Socket
    Sunex 130mm Wobble Impact Extension (part of)
    Rothenberger Superfire2 & Map Gas
    Torque Wrench
    Crowsfoot Spanner (part of)
    Vice Grips

    Now depending on what wheel area you are working on, and the size of the impact gun will determine if you need a wobble socket and/or wobble bar. The Dewalt gun is quite large and to clear, or go round some control arms I had to use the wobble'rs. You'll also notice that at certain times I am on a different droplink as I was trying to discover the best methods as I went along.

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    Hammer and heat best tools in any toolbox.

    Good job Andy..:GoodJob: