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    Thought id start a thread on my 6th Generation, I bought the car in November last year for a bargain price of £700 with a full tank of fuel, and a couple of months tax and test, well looked after with a full Honda service history, 104k and very clean inside and out, Since buying the car I have fitted 17" alloys, a few subtle decals, had the valve clearances reset, and changed the gearbox oil and renewed the clutch fluid, anyway a pic of the car as bought, and how she looks now


    Testament to Honda and the previous keeper as the car passed its MOT recently with no advisories, amazing for a 12 year old car
    Interior is factory standard black leather, only upgrade is a weighted gearknob, stereo is all standard factory fitted Bose Amped system, I did fit an aftermarket headunit briefly however the sound was pap so I refitted the standard headunit and plan to fit Xcarlink instead.
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    Really good looking car:GoodJob:
    Love it
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    Thanks mate, It's the first car in about 3 years that I've kept for more than 2 months, as I do love the car, I will be keeping it for a couple of years then hopefully on to a 7th Generation. I've got Xcarlink to fit when I get round to it, and to source another dash binnacle surround as I damaged mine when I removed the radio. Also looking at a custom exhaust in the future and i'm pondering lowering it, and to find a spoiler, I quite like the sport one as its subtle, as I think the ATR one doesent suit anything but a ATR
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    Lovely machine! I think the sport spoiler would suit it down to the ground. The ATR spoiler is too much, even for the ATR.
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    Well looked after motor :Thumbup:

    How do you people manage to keep your cars looking so pristine.

    I'm a bit lazy on that front, like doing the mechanics more than cleaning/detailing etc.

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    Believe me it doesent look like that at the moment:Smile:

    Those pics were after 2 days of cleaning when we had that couple of days of ok weather earlier in the year

    Cheers for the tip on changing the editor mode, that's bothered me for a couple of weeks:Smile:
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    Hi all,
    Thought I'd tag onto this thread as I'm also looking to spruce up my 6th Generation. I'm actually curious: finding aftermarket parts or even OEM Type-R/Euro-R parts for the accord is really quite hard. Does anybody know if parts for a Civic of the same generation fit on ok?
    Appreciate the engines different, I'm more interested in body work I.e. front grill, front bumper/lip, wheels etc.
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    I do know a Civic Coupe spoiler fits on the Accord, I have seen one fitted and they look pretty good, I couldn't tell you which model Civic though im afraid

    You can buy an ATR Replica spoiler easily of Ebay, I think these are a bit OTT in my opinion
    Honda Accord Type-R Spoiler 1998 - 2003 | eBay

    I think the best spoiler on the 6th Generation is the standard sport one

    There is a Mugen lip for the front bumper for the 6th Generation and it looks the business, I've only seen one as they are rare as hens teeth

    Wheels are 4x114 and can be found fairly easily, Mine were previously on a Nissan Almera as it shares the same stud pattern as the 6th Generation, as does the Primera, obviously you can't use stock Nissan wheels as the centre bore is different, long as they are aftermarket
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    What beautiful paint work. Am envious as my car is dirtier than a pig's backside at the mo
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    Cheers mate, mine is dirty at the moment, looks like I've been rallying:lol:
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    Roylewaa, why don't you upload some pictures to your Garage, your car would make a good candidate for Car of the Month.

    See this thread
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    I will upload some better pics after a good clean and in a better location than my drive

    I will have to do something with the headlights aswell, got the usual 6th Generation fogging/glazing going on with them
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    Been on a bit of a ebay spending spree, in half an hour bought, front wind deflectors, Induction kit, CAI, gen Honda Oil filter and 5 litres of Castrol Magnatec 10w 40, came in at just under 100 quid

    Few new pics taken last week after a good clean and a trip to my local tyre place for a new tyre on the rear, as I know the tyre that was on had been driven on flat and it had been playing on my mind as I have kids in the car a lot


    Fitted Xcarlink

    Then had a minor mishap when I had to avoid an idiot in a lorry, clipped the kerb and the scratch is the result, I could have cried, first time I've hit a curb in years, it was either that or lose a wingmirror or worse


    Next week the calipers will be getting a lick of paint, currently can't decide on red or gold?