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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Roylewaa, Friday 22nd Feb, 2013.

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    Just thought i'd say a quick hello, the names Andy and I live in County Durham

    Currently have a very clean 6th Generation SE Exec which I picked up for the tidy sum of £700 back in December, the car suits me down to the ground and has proved itself to be reliable, although nowt perfect as the Valve clearances really could do with being done and my heated seat has just stopped working, on a plus she passed her MOT last week with no advisories, a testement to Honda really considering its now a 12 year old car, I think the full Honda service history helps though:Smile:

    I've always loved Honda's, having owned a Civic and a Odyssey before the Accord

    A few pics
    The Accord



    Looking forward to browsing the forums
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    Welcome to AOC Andy.

    My she is looking very clean ! I like ! :Smile:
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    Thanks mate, she is in is very good condition, bodywork is near immaculate for a daily driver, I've had to do a little bit of touch up here and there, mostly due to me sliding gently into a fence post and scraping paint off a bumpstrip

    All I've done is put those wheels on, it even still has all the standard bose system still, although im looking at doing something with it, however I havent found anything that enables you to fit an aftermarket headunit without loosing the sub and amp yet