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    Chris Manchester
    6th Generation Timing Belts

    Phoenix Close Honda Specialists
    can now supply and fit genuine Honda timing belts for £150. This is timing belt only, balancer belt can also be replaced at the same time for the cost of the belt itself.

    Genuine Honda dealers are now charging £255 as part of their fixed price scheme for the same job.

    Thanks guys and girls,

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  2. Thanks Chris for a great offer on this crucially important job on the 6th Generation.

    Honda recommend the change is done every 70k but I used to do it every 60k to be on the safe side and get the balancer belt done at the same time in view of the catastrophic consequences for the engine if the belt snaps.
  3. hondavtecr Commercial Services Trader

    Chris Manchester
    Thanks Im trying to provide a quality service without the price. I always recommend having the balancer belt replaced at the same time, I find it strange that Honda charge the same amount for the two belts when the balancers alot shorter!
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  4. With this sort of job I would always want to go to a Honda mechanic who knows their way around the car.

    People wonder about changing water pumps and pulleys as well - no doubt you will check these when the belts are off although as I understand it they don't normally need doing on this car.
  5. hondavtecr Commercial Services Trader

    Chris Manchester
    I always check the water pumps and to be honest have only ever changed one, that was on my ATR because i wanted peace of mind that everything had been done. But your right I've never replaced or seen one in need of replacing.
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    Manchester is quite a trek from North Herts! Anywhere closer, with a similar offer?

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    Chris Manchester
    Im not too sure Terry. I doubt it to be honest.
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    England CJ Leeds
    Make a trip out of it Terry you have media city in Salford with the new BBC offices loads to do around that area , stay over at a cheerfully B&B. If you like curry you have the curry mile.
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    This is starting to get interesting - I have a brother down the road, who works in S. Manchester. There is also a Co-OP 'festival' coming up soon in Manchester. Now how do I find the time ... (small business to run, wife, four young kids, etc)?!

    Perhaps the timing belt will give me more time? ;-)

    The previous owner said that he'd changed the belts - can I believe him ... ?!

    Hmmm... by focussing on bringing in new work, I can land a job that will more than pay for a few timing belts! :Smile:
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    Just dropped you a message about getting mine changed.
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