Engine & Gearbox 7th Generation 2.4 Driveshaft Issue

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  1. Just a heads up for any 7th Generation 2.4 owner not aware of this issue.

    There have been a few known instances of the offside driveshaft snapping.

    It normally happens in first gear when pulling away which is when torque through the shaft is at its highest.

    The shaft snaps near to the rubber damper in the middle which seems to be a weak spot for corrosion.

    One option is a preventative swap and the first image shows the difference between the one I took off mine and the healthier second-hand one from eBay I replaced it with. The second image shows even more clearly the corrosive effects of UK winter salt. IMG_0659. IMG_0663.
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    when you drive a CL9/CM2 along the beach, best to make sure the tide is out :Laughing:
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    Mine were coated with thick 2 pack epoxy paint 6 years ago so they are good even today. I have a oil change to do today after work will get some pictures of my CV joints and axle rods.

    @Holdcroft Honda my order of CTR oil hasn't landed please could kindly sent it (sugar coated) I am on my last can.
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    I might wrap up the driveshafts on my car using gaffer tape, that will boost the strength by 50%
  5. get it swapped, you know you want to
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    maybe I could put a 2.0 engine in my car so that it won't happen, the 20% less torque will make sure of that ....or maybe I can inspect the joints and movement in the splines once per year (when I'm changing the oil) and/or just use less right foot in first gear :gotcha:

    here is a comprehensive assessment of whether any owners of CL9/CM2 should lose any sleep
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    So it's not caused by having the K24 reflashed then?
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    I'm stood at a safe distance.

    Those K24 Accords are quite unreliable, aren't they?
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    having a full spare wheel might increase the reliability a tad
    but yeah the brake pads wear out quickly ....mind you that might be due to the higher speeds than the 2.0 and 2.2
  11. Eine rammellschaft.

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    Nah it was caused by the K24 designers replacing the chocolate N22 clutch with a real one.
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    this is the standard driveshaft

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    Lol :Laughing: ... what?