Detailing 7th Generation Accord - Cleaning Process and Products

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    Hi Guys

    I'm looking to do a top notch job on the exterior of my Accord. I want to know the best tried and tested processes for a great exterior finish i.e. Clay Bar, wax, polish etc

    Also, if you could recommend some products by name that would be great thanks. :Smile:
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    Having sorted my car out yesterday (sort of, only took 3 hours, to really sort it will take a full nice day!), it started me thinking about my favourite products in various categories, having used an amazing number over the starting inside, my personal favourites go to...

    Leather care - AutoGlym Leather care balm for regular use, Swissvax Leather Milk as a treat (wonderful stuff, but too expensive for regular use)
    Plastic trim - Poorboys Natural Look dressing - not too much shine, very natural as the name suggests. Smells lovely too!
    Glass - AutoGlym Fast Glass when time is short, AutoGlym Car Glass polish when more attention needed. Does create lots of dust though :Angry:

    Moving on to the exterior:

    Shampoo - Bilt Hamber Autowash or Dodo Born to be Mild. Both exceptional.
    Wash Mitt - Dodo "Wookie's Fist" - have had 2 of these, they last forever as long as looked after and are just great! Special mention to the Meguiars Microfibre Mitt as well, excellent for wheels.
    Clay Bar - Bilt Hamber autoclay. Need to try the "soft" version, but this has always done a good job for me. Only need water as a lubricant too (some suggest detailing fluid).
    Surface Prep - Swissvax Cleaner Fluid (regular and medium) if money no object. Need to try the Dodo version which has had good reviews, and Bilt hamber do one too. TBH the old Meguiars "Step 1" does a pretty reasonable job in an emergency.
    Glaze - Meguiars (professional range) Mirror Glaze. No doubt about this one. Have tried a few and always come back to this one. Amazing stuff.
    Wax - Swissvax Best of Show, but expensive. Mind you, have had mine for 4 years, and still only half used (I guess 20 applications over that time on a MINI). Lots of other final finishes that I like though. Meguiars NXT is a good, quick, all in one, which gives a good result on silver, as does their Gold Class. For properly prepared paint, P21s is fab, but durability is poor, a Summer wax only. have just bought the Bilt Hamber Hydra Wax which has good reviews, so I'll let you know when I get round to using it!
    Wheel Cleaner - Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel, no question. Great product. Dodo Mellow Yellow commended though, also good stuff.
    Wheel Wax - Swissvax Autobahn. Expensive, but worth it. Excellent protection.
    Tyre dressing - if you don't want to mark the driveway, which most of the spray on and leave products do, then the Meguiars Tyre Protection gel and applicator sponge give a good finish which lasts well.
    Exterior trim - Chemical Guys New Look trim gel - another old favourite, easy to use with an excellent and durable finish.

    Special Mentions...

    ...go to Bilt Hamber "Auto Balm" as a winter wax. Gives amazing protection, but sheets rather than beads (I prefer to see beading on my paintwork, how sad!!). Also not the easiest to apply, depends on how well prepared the paint is, how patient you are, and how well you follow the instructions. Still come back to it most Winters though, have been using the same pot for over 10 years!!

    Meguiars "Cleaner Wax" which is a useful all in one product for door shuts / bonnet shuts and engine bay paintwork.

    Meguiars "Scratch X" for those annoying scuffs and marks. Need to follow the instructions though, use a microfibre with a close weave, and rub it in until the small amount used disappears. Always works well (and safely) for me.

    All opinions of course - Detailing World is a good source of information. Best advice I can give is trial and error - you will find products that just seem to suit you and your car and others that don't regardless of reviews by others...
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    Just to add a couple of products to this...

    I've used my Bilt Hamber "Hyrdra Wax" for the first time today. Very easy and quick to apply / remove, decent finish on silver too. I'd give it a solid 7/10. Good but not exceptional.

    Some wonderful individual decided last week that my car really needed a scratch on the passenger rear door / rear wing...not too deep, just the sort of thing I'd normally use Meguiars "Scratch X" for. However, I thought I'd try out a couple of new products...

    First, T-Cut "Colour Fast Scratch Remover (Silver)." Hopeless - I found it to be a really poor product, just didn't do anything at all. 0/10.

    Second, Farcela "G3 Scratch Remover" (with their own "waffle" pad). Pretty impressed with this - removed the scratch with minimal effort, and didn't seem too harsh on the paint surface. Very good, probably as effective as Scratch X but with less elbow grease required. 8/10.
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    A great write up above but you will get loads of opinions on what products to use as we all have our favourites. I would concentrate on doing good decontamination of the paint done to ensure a much better finish at the end of your detail, so de-tar, de-ironise, clay, polish, glaze, sealant or wax or indeed both but sealant always first.
    Are you polishing by hand or Machine?
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    ^^ 100% agree. The best product in the world won't do a great job without the proper preparation.
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    Great advice above.

    I'm new to detailing and just starting to build up my kit. Favourite product I've used so far has to be bilberry wheel cleaner by valet pro. Great value and does an amazing job. Love the way you can dilute it to desired levels or spray it on neat if you have bad buildup of dirt etc
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    Be prepared for an empty wallet if you're starting off lol:0
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    List em buddy anything which gets our Honda looking pristine and protects them I am all for it.
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    Ok Mate, prep is the key as said above for better results at the end. My decontamination process is as follows,
    1, Wash car with a mix of fairy liquid and All purpose cleaner as this will remove any sealants/wax present on the car. I only use this mix purely before a machine polish
    2, De-tar, my prefered choice is Autosmart tardis, leave for 5 mins then wipe off with a microfibre towel
    3, De-ironise, Carpro Ironx applied and left to dwell for 5 mins or so, thorough rinse off with pressure washer, apply same way to wheels also.
    4, Clay, Bilt Hamber Regular clay with water/shampoo mix in a spray bottle as the lube, keep area well lubricated and apply light pressure on a piece of flattened out clay, keep kneading to find clean bits on the clay.
    5, Re wash, rinse and dry then your ready for polishing.

    Polish used on Zorans car was Meguiars 205 on a yellow 3m polishing pad using Flex3401 DA and Meguiars G220v DA for Glazing
    A light combo was all that was required to achieve swirl removal and leaving a high gloss finish:Smile:
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