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    Hi All

    Just recently i started to hear a very slight squeal/buzzing type sound upon starting up the accord.
    It does seem that Honda's have issues with quite a few ignition switches from several models in the past.
    My 5th Generation Prelude ignition switch was a recall and my dads 99 Civic coupe had ignition switch issues too.

    The buzzing/squeal is very slight and the car starts fine and only occurs randomly maybe once or twice a month - kinda depends how slow i turn the ignition switch form pre ignition to full on start.

    Was there any type of recall or known issue with the 7th Generation ignition switch?
    Item 9 below

    Cheers all

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    I can't remember seeing a recall for the 7th Generation ignition barrel, in fact I can't even recall having seen any 7th Generation ignition issues at all.
    Your's may just be a freak one off issue.
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    Could it be a relay buzzing ? Only say that because I've recently suffered with switch trouble, car would turn itself off whilst driving ! The new switch looked very low tech on my model ie a bit of plastic with a few wires which look like they don't carry much load.
    So on mine there's nothing to buzz, yours of course may be different.