Body, Paint & Styling 7th Generation How many windscreen variants?

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    having a new screen fitted tomorrow by Autoglass, just need to know if there are any screen tint options or anything else I need to be aware of as I've had a colleague with different car end up with the wrong tint before so it didn't match the rest of the glass.

    Looking on Lings I can only see a single screen for 7th Generation, with a green tint

    also, do all 7th Generation come with rain sensors as I assume this would make a difference to the screen to be fitted.

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    I replaced the windscreen on my Accord last year as it was pitted and reflecting the light backwards making it hard to see through. Cost me £150ish in total. Mine has a slight greenish tint at the top as well as the OEM black chequered design. It looks exactly OEM to me.

    Not all 7th Gens have rain sensors, mine doesnt, so it does make the screen a bit cheaper
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    Thanks for your help - I have rain sensors so I think I'll give Autoglass a heads up just to make sure they turn up with the right bits.....