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    Hi All,
    I plan to fit a bicycle carrier to my 7th Gen Tourer. Would someone please tell me the location of the fuse that I need to remove to disable to rear wiper as I do not want to cause any damage to the wiper motor or arm if at some point I need to engage reverse gear.

    I have looked through the manual without success. I did remove a 30A fuse, located in the internal fuse box close to the accelerator pedal, but as I suspected this only disabled the main / front windscreen wipers.

    Does the fuse for the boot door also cover the rear window wiper? It would good if it did, as this would prevent me from inadvertently opening the boot via the motor drive and causing all manner of expensive damage.

    All replies gratefully received,

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    Hi Ian,

    You want to be more concerned about the damage to the rear tourer tailgate and struts with the excessive weight. Have a read of this http://hondakarma.com/threads/92/

    The tailgate is not designed for that sort of load and constant load on the dampers. The wipers will not automatically turn on as there is no rain sensor and will only come on if you twist the stalk.
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    Thanks for the link and the warning. Looks like I am going to have to rethink my plans