Engine & Gearbox 8th Generation Accord Common Faults

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    Hello Guys,

    Those of you guys who know me, I had major trouble when I bought my first Accord (Gen 7; clutch, flywheel, turbo, radiator, navigation etc).
    I am glad i sold that..

    Now to the present day... I am planning to buy a Gen 8 Accord and I was wondering if there are any common faults that i have to look out for...
    I have heard the clutch and flywheel are notorious on Accords...Well I am going to look at the car tomorrow, its a Jan 10 (59) Accord with 45K miles...

    Any help will be much appreciated guys... :Smile:
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    Are you looking at petrol or diesel? Manual or Auto?
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    Its a manual and an Diesel... :Smile:
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    There have been a few people that have had clutches on the 8th Generation so just make sure the biting point is not near the top.

    Make sure its had regular oil changes with the correct oil too. Ideally Full Honda service history.

    Check speakers. They are known to blow but are really easy to change if out of warranty.

    Honda can tell you if its got any outstanding recalls.

    Check the sat nav disc in the boot to make sure its an original. Copys wear the laser out.

    I can't recall any major problems with the I-DTEC to be honest. The speakers is the only thing really which is quite good:Smile:
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    Hi Nav
    Good to see you sticking with Accord after all the headache last one gave you.
    Jace got it covered what to look out for. DPF would be my main concern with diesel.
    Let us know how you get on.
  6. Nav Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Me love me Hondas :Smile: so sticking to it...am gonna look at the first accord incident as a learning point...
    so clutch, speakers n DPF... hmmm... I shall let u guys know how it goes today eve.... can't wait... :Smile:
    this might be a daft question..but how would u know if the DPF is working good....
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    To avoid the DPF issues use the correct engine oil and always trying to get the temperature up on diesel be in lower gears for longer when cold to get the exhaust temp up.

    Lastly get all the ECU patches on the car.
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    How did I forget the DPF!:telloff:I don't know how you would test for it to be honest. It could be weeks or months before the light comes on if the had a forced regen.

    The people that did have problems with theres were all doing decent mileage too so I can only put it down to dodgy garages using the wrong oil?
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    My offside front speaker has just given up. It sounds dreadful now. :Angry:
  10. Nav Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    No recalls on this issue... or under warranty change....??