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    United Kingdom Luke Exeter
    Hi new on here. Just bought a 2009 plate Accord 2.0 petrol EX. Started to notice an intermittent noise from the driver's side dash/windscreen corner area which can be best described as a "click" similar to a small stone chip noise on glass. Looks like the windscreen has been replaced as no Honda markings. No cracks evident though.

    Are the dashboards generally quiet?

    Any ideas or cures?

  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Hello Luke,
    It is customary tell us a little about yourself in this section.

    Your 8th Generation petrol Accord should be very quiet. If the windscreen has been replaced, the fitters may not have re-attached the side trims correctly/securely.
    Additionally, there was a Product Update (PUD) for these trim pieces, so it could be either or both of these causing the issue.
    It would be worth contacting a main dealer to find out if your Accord was included in this PUD and if so, if the work was carried out. If this is not the cause, then the trim may need checking to ensure it was put back correctly.

    It could of course be something else that's causing the 'click'.

    Body, Paint & Styling - Windscreen Side Trim Lifting Honda Accord 2009 year models
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    United Kingdom Luke Exeter
    Thanks for the reply. Would this repair be covered under the standard 12 month warranty as I bought at a main Honda dealer?
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    IIRC, the PUD is still active.
    However, if you bought her from a main dealer, there's normally 12 months warranty from them. If she was a Honda Approved Used Car, then you can take her to any main dealer.

    If you have any 'niggles' or 'issues' and it's within the 12 months, take her back.