HVAC 8th Generation air conditioning noise

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    United Kingdom Denso23 London
    Hi All,

    Coming from a diesel car, this petrol engine is very smooth and quiet and therefore you can hear any small noises within the car.

    I hear a intermittent faint noise, it only happens when the aircon is on. It seems to be coming from the ac system. The American Acura TSX forums also heavily mention this problem, some saying it could be an expansion valve or the system needing topping up. The noise can be described as like when a cd squeals in a CD player. It's very faint.

    The car is generally very quiet but I would be interested to know if anyone else has this problem

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    I occasionally have a similar noise, very quiet, intermittent, sounding like a very faint squeak and only noticeable cruising in 6th gear on the motorway with no background noise, EG, music
    (or the wife!).
    I always thought it might be the brakes although I never did find a braking problem, (sticking pistons, pad wear etc), and possibly only with the aircon on.
    The noise seems to appear for 5 to 10 seconds, then goes quiet for maybe 30 seconds and the cycle is repeated for several minutes, finally disappearing for the remainder of the journey.
    I'll check the aircon factor and add further comment later.
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I have heard that noise too but not bothered as the cooling is fine. My car is three years old on the 4th service will get the air on serviced and topped up that will tell me how much gas has been lost.

    Hopefully after top up that noise stops.
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    Mine is 5 years old, 140k kms. Never heard any noise from the airco. Never had that serviced. Don't think it's mentioned in the manual to service the system regularly?
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    United Kingdom Brett Bristol
    Iv had this noise from day one and took my car to HH to investigate.
    They changed one of the pullys from memory and the nose stopped.
    After 12 months it came back so not to bothered as all works fine.
    BTW my noise is related to engine RMP
    and noticeable on cruse control on motorway.