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Discussion in 'Insurance & Breakdown Cover' started by Ray Ambrose, Thursday 3rd Oct, 2013.

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    Got my renewal policy from swift insurance for £270, an increase of £30. I decided to have a look around, but my wife told me that Topcashback was offering £52 cashback on a motoring insurance. I joined it, and went through procedures and it took me to the Churchill car insurance site. I put my details in and it quoted me £208 for a near identical policy..Similar everything, so I applied and got it. So it got me a years Insurance, fully no claims protected, legal cover, £150 Voluntary Excess and free breakdown cover. So after taking the cashback off the premium it cost £156. Not bad for someone who gets stiffed every time he reinsures..
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    £270 I can only dream about quote like that.My road tax cost more then that.
    Well done.