Suspension, Steering and Brakes 8th Generation Honda Accord Refurbished Rear Calipers

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    I have just had to have my rear caliper replaced at about £400 from Honda Lincoln. If I could have had a Honda re-ferb one at a fraction of the cost it would have been good. so how did you do it?
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    I had rear calliper replaced by CMA (Cole & Miller Automotives Ltd) at Arlesley, Beds. They employ an excellent Honda trained technician who was the workshop foreman at Honda Norton Way Letchworth but he had to get a local job nearer home to help look after a handicapped child. At August 2015 labour at £66/hour inc Vat was 0.7hr to replace rear brake pads & clean front brakes, & 1.5hr to replace O/S/R calliper. Total labour = £145.20 inc. Vat. O/S/R Calliper is described as Part No. FPS DC74361 at unit price of £190.20, less than half price I was quoted by main dealer for a new Honda calliper. Honda rear brake pads cost £51.11 inc. Vat. Total parts = £241.31. Grand total = £386.51 & this included change of brake fluid.
    You could check with your local dealer if they would fit a reconditioned Honda part but labour rate likely to be high. Another potential problem with Accord & S2000 braking systems is the VSA control unit which can cost £1500 or more to replace with a part that is likely to fail again. My local Honda dealer said they would be happy to remove the VSA unit & send to ECU testing, who repair such units & give lifetime warranty on their modification, for about £350. VSA system failure was/is systemic on VW/Audi & BMW cars. Need courtesy car while your car is out of action. Maybe someone on this forum could recommend a good independent garage in your area.
    This post should be in under a different title, @Ichiban.
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    May be you could move the above post to a new thread (title at your discretion) as it was me that requested the info. If Honda referb parts are available it may be a good idea for a sticky page with a list!
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  5. £60-70 a caliper refurbished from
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    Had the same problem with drivers side rear calliper so had to change it.
    £75 from europarts that was a 7th Generation tourer calliper and fitted perfect.