General 8th Generation Tourer - Radio , CD and AUX not working and no visual on Dash display

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    Hi, Apologies if this issue has been posted previously. i did searches on this and other forums before posting.

    Vehicle - 58 8th Generation EX Tourer

    Put simply , my Radio , CD and AUX are not working. The Bluetooth icon is also not lit up on the display but the in system is working.
    The dash display simply shows the air con setting both left and right with the time in the middle. Also not being asked for a radio code at any point.

    There is no reason for the battery to have been disconnected after a low beam headlight install but the clock is 14 hrs ahead and the Sat Nav needed re set therefore maybe it was ??

    Going back to the garage tomorrow but was just looking to see if this maybe a simple fuse issue and if so which fuse is it as the manual is not very clear.

    Apologies if this is a basic question but have tried to source the answer before posting

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    Hi; when you say 'low beam headlight install' do you mean HID lamps? 'Cos those need 20,000+ volts and I for one wouldn't play with them without disconnecting the battery, which is what it sounds like the installer has done. Dunno about your sounds though, would have expected to ask for a code when you switch it on. Cheers
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    Thanks for the reply

    The low beam was just a bulb change but its not easy and you need to go through the wheel arch after peeling back the plastic covers.