Suspension, Steering and Brakes 8th Generation Touring Suspension Upgrade?

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    Has anyone here any experience - good or bad with upgrading the suspension on their 8th Generation tourer?

    I probably drive harder than most people with a diesel estate and really have issues with getting the car to perform nicely when it is being.....erm....pressed :Smile:
    It's not like a VW Golf where you can go and buy one of hundreds of different kits though so I was wondering what others have done.

    I don't want the car super low or super firm but a decent improvement over the comfy standard setup would be good. Also been thinking about anti roll bars, be nice to get some beefier ones.... any ideas?
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    Lots of guts in america will have check out a Facebook group called cu2 squad and ask their my man :Smile:
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    @DeviateDefiant any advice on suspension options for the 8th Generation ?
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    The best overall handling upgrade in my books is lowering, getting the center of gravity closer to the ground is first and foremost in tighter handling. Springs will see her feeling better, full adjustable coilovers will give you a lot more room to adjust to suit your own taste.

    Other things to consider:
    • Beefier rear ARB, in essence helps the tail follow the nose a little more by reducing roll. Front ARB can help, but it can also increase oversteer.
    • Polyurethane ARB bushes, similar to the above, stiffer bushes have less give which allow the ARBs (front and rear) less movement reducing flex/roll - very cheap upgrade.
    • Polyurethane compliance bushes - always said to make the Accord more stable, always said to make the Accord far more rigid - not my taste generally.
    • Bracing, there's a whole world of options here, from strut bars, to underbody braces, to fender braces - I don't know 8th Generation options that well.
    • Tracking, push the front and rear camber out very slightly to tighten handling - not really recommended, it's trading off grip.
    • Tyres - look for E/F ratings on fuel economy, it's stupid labeling really as better "fuel economy" really means less rolling resistance, aka. grip.
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