Facelift Model 8th Genn Seeking a Good Home....

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by John Dickson, Tuesday 24th May, 2016.

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    Was hoping someone on here might fancy it. It's got 3 annual services or 60,000miles left on the Honda plan and almost 3 years of the extended HUK warranty and roadside assistance on it. Entirely up to members if they are interested or not.

    Cleaned a minimum of fortnightly in winter by pressure washer to keep the salt down. Chassis clean as well:

    DSC02272.JPG DSC02273.JPG
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    She's still seeking a home if anyone is interested
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    Showing as sold now @John Dickson :Sobbing:

    They took your stickers off! Spoilsports...

    I was always hoping that my old 8th Generation would turn up on here with a new owner, but it never did. It wasn't bought by a local, it went to London.

    She's probably a minicab by now.


    How is the Infiniti now, a few months in? Still pleased with it?
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    Sorry for not replying sooner @FirstHonda

    Yes I see she's gone. I've been keeping an eye to see how long it took to sell. I think it took far longer as it was on the wrong forecourt. They should have sent it to Newcastle Honda let's be honest anyone looking for an Accord is going to look at Honda dealers not Infiniti. It takes luck to sell non franchise off a franchise forecourt.

    Hope she's gone to a good home and who knows she may turn up on here.

    It's probably on the taxi rank in The Bigg Market getting spewed in by drunks :Sobbing:

    Bigg Market

    The Infiniti is brilliant. There are things I still miss from the Accord. The voice activation controlled everything but I'm yet to find out how to control the climate control in the Infiniti with the voice activation - if it can be done....must read the manual. On the other hand the hands free phone in the Infiniti seems far easier to use. I miss the storage pockets in the Accord and it had a deeper boot but the Infiniti has the AdBlue tank under the boot floor plus RWD which will take up some space.

    The Infiniti sounds so much sportier than the Accord for a diesel it has about the best exhaust note you could get sounds great on the power.

    I still find it hard to believe when I'm sitting looking at an Accord in traffic that I'm no longer in one. There was a 14 Accord in Crystal Black driving through Morpeth tonight. Still an amazing car to look at just has so much road presence still.

    One of the lads at work said him and his wife looked at a Q50 but chose a 3 Series instead because the Q50 had a "Vibration" - the only vibration/rattle whatever you want to call it in my Q50 is my Oakleys in the sunglasses holder.

    The BMW they got instead of the Infiniti is due to go back to the dealer for the 5th time for the same niggly fault with the TPMS that the dealer seems incapable of rectifying. Oh dear....:taunt:

    I wish Honda would get their fingers out and launch some credible rivals in the D/E Segment - 9th Generation Accord and 5th Generation Legend are more than capable of taking on Europe. Launch Acura as well.
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