Service & Maintenance 93 Accord -the japanese model PCV?

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    love the quote

    found this

    to be honest, i'm not sure its ever been there but who remembers everything under the bonnet

    then again, some of you guys probably do !

    i'm just wondering if its "ok" but not ideal for it not to be there

    How a PCV Valve Works | eHow

    The Purpose of the PCV Valve

    • The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve is a simple one-way flow valve that introduces recirculated unburned fuel, in the form of blow-by gases, back into combustion engine to dispel them properly. Combustion engines have a perfect fuel-to-air ratio and it is the PCV valve's job to monitor the amount of blow-by gases back into engine without upsetting the ratio.
      Inside the PCV valve is a spring attached to an internal poppet valve which is controlled by vacuum from the manifold. The spring and poppet valve assembly in connection to the amount of vacuum pressure exerted, extend and contract during different engine acceleration and idle positions. The movable valve is designed to accommodate the engine idle-to-accelerations variances without compromising the perfect ratio.
      Over time and existing in a hostile environment, the PCV valve will not last forever. As a matter of fact, it is scheduled for replacement during interval maintenance listed for every vehicle to keep the vehicle in top running order.

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