Show Us Your Car '94 Rover 827 (Honda 2.7L V6)

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    This Rover is one of the many odds and sods cars that my Mother and her other half have. It was brought from a family friend for £200, and has sat abroad in Germany for the past couple of years. It's just gone through it's first MOT since being re-registered in Britain, and I've spent a little time with her.

    From my understanding in the 80s Rover partnered with Honda in create a full-size saloon, Honda needing something larger than the Accord to increase their market presence and British Leyland needing to replace their aging Rover SD1. Out of this amalgamation came the Rover 800 series and it's sister car, the Honda Legend.

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    The bodywork certainly isn't immaculate, there's been a few poor touch-ups over the years. The boot is especially bad, however rust wise - she has not a spot. The girl has just 62,000 miles on her, and that's after 20 years.

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    That big ol' powerplant is a Honda C27A, a torquey V6 petrol mated to a 4-speed automatic gear box. The bay certainly hasn't had a scrub for a long time, but mechanically she's in extremely good health. The MOT tester commented that it's in fantastic mechanical condition, and he sees no reason she's not going to last.

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    For a 20 year old car, the interior is absolutely immaculate. The girl's not perfect, but she's in absolutely fantastic condition for the age (and price).

    I have her a good scrub yesterday, aside from poor previous rattle can touch-ups and a stone chipped front bumper she came out pretty damn good. The alloy wheels especially (I should really have taken a before picture).

    So I got the chance to take her out for a spin a couple of hours ago, she handles fantastically, precise steering and you know how to plant her where you want her. The brakes are soft as anything, not in a good way either, they were recently bled and the verdict I was given was that "the pads have 8000 miles or so left in them", knowing my Mum's partner this means they should have been replaced 8000 miles ago. He gets every drop out of his components before swapping out, and this is no exception.

    The automatic gearbox is a little clunky, again I'm getting being told this is down to the torque converter and "that's how old automatics where", but I don't know, I've driven my share and something needs some TLC from my perspective. Does this set-up use anything similar to modern ATF?

    Let's talk power, if you kick down on the throttle - she flies. She has an awful lot to give, far more torquey on the lower band than my Accord for sure, not that my Accord wouldn't slaughter her on a 0-60. I didn't push her hard, she's an old girl, but I've been told she's done a comfortable 130-140mph on the Autobahn with more to give.

    No doubt if I wanted to, I could buy this car. I haven't made up my mind yet, but as a few of you know already, I want to get my old school Honda kicks from a 2nd Generation Honda Legend Coupe. Either way for now, she's one comfy classic cruiser, and I hope to spend a little more time with her - I'd hate to not see her get back to her former glory.
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    She's amazing for a 20 year old Rover !
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    Really liking the mahogany interior :Thumbup:
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    If my memory serves me correctly there was the 827SLI and the vittesse 827. Apologies if you've mentioned it but I presume its the SLI. The vittesse was a phenomenal car fully loaded. ....but for neck end of 30k in its day I suppose it should have been. Amazing smooth V6.
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    That looks in pretty decent nick :Thumbup:

    Regarding old gearboxes being clunky, I have to disagree. I had a 1987 Accord auto, that had one slick gearbox in it. You'd hardly feel the gear changes at all.
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    Well, I've just been told the girl is being driven to Germany on Tuesday where she'll be staying again for the meantime as their Fiat Multipla is currently sitting there to do the return trip with at the end of the summer.

    I believe this one is the 827 SLI, I only really know as much about the car as I've been able to find on the net. She certainly has all the bells and whistles, more electronic seat adjustments than an Exec Accord :Laughing:

    I thought the same, it definitely needs a bit of TLC. But as the car is going back to Germany, I won't get the chance either. That said I'll be across there for a week next month :Smile: