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    Recently purchased an 02 Type-R EP3 and although I thought the A/C was working ( because the green light came on :no: ) it turns out the lights on but no one's home!
    I had the system regassed and still no cold air. So I took it to an A/C specialist this morning and he checked over the whole damn system for a measley £15.

    Gas is still there. Fan works ( I knew that ). Fuse OK ( I'd checked that ). Relays fine ( I'd checked them too!).

    He had a clamber underneath and hey ho the compressor's gone west. Bugger!

    So, he reckons £250 for a compressor and £200+ for labour. I can't justify £500 for A/C repair. I've thought about a second hand compressor but seeing the junk that's up on eBay, I doubt they'll work, or not work for long.

    So, can anyone suggest a reliable source for a secondhand one, or know where I could get a new one for less than £250???
    Maybe that's cheap. I don't know, I'm new to the Honda scene.
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    I have known people who sourced compressors off eBay for cheaper than that and they worked just fine. Some of these companies even provide warranty on these so maybe a case of digging deeper will sort you out. Failing that this is one company I have heard loads about Car Air Conditioning Diagnosis Repairs Recharging in Kent UK, Mobile Service, Index Pocahontas and intend to give them a visit once I decide to sort my AC out. Like yours, everything but the compressor works.
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    If you are good with DIY you can goto Halfords, ask them to capture the gases, find compressor, replace it yourself, then go back to them for a refill. Should cost no more than £100.
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    To be honest mate, if your handy with the spanners, replace the A/C pump yourself, just as mentioned get someone to capture the gasses and store them while you do the work. Also while the system is open, also get a new receiver drier as these help trap moisture that's in the system from things like this and will help keep the A/C cold.

    Also it depends on if its the pump that's gone south or whether its the clutch that has stopped working, as that isn't unknown, I am sure someone on here could point out how to check if an A/C pump clutch is bad or whither the pump has failed
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    The main issue with changing the compressor is to make sure that the replacement compressor (wherever it comes from) contains the same amount of aircon lubricant oil as in the original compressor. The procedure in the Honda ESM is to drain the original and measure the amount that came out, then check that there is the same amount in the replacement one, usually by draining the replacement one, making a comparison, and refilling the replacement with the same quantity as was drained out of the original.
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    Thanks guys for your advice. I'm reasonably handy with spanners so may give it a go.
    The guy at Aircon Direct reckons the whole front has to come off the car to access it. Is it not accessible from underneath?
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    Nah !! there one awkward bolt at the bottom. You need the front of car lifted up well so you can get to the bottom two bolts from underneath. Removing front won't help.

    Maybe removing radiator will give some clearance but you'll still have the same issue with the two bottom bolts. I'd just attack the A/C compressor without removing anything.
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    Great, sounding easier by the minute!
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    I wondered why he wanted £200+ for labour :Wink:
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    even easier with a mate for beer tabs :Wink:
    there are several aircon units on ebay very cheap all look tatty but if they work you can give them a clean up
    most thursdays a top mobile mechanic friend of mine is around in our town and can harvest your A/C gas and refill the system
    let me know
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    I'll speak to you tomorrow matey!