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    Hi forum.
    My A/C has stopped working.
    The compressor rotates by hand, the relay clicks in and out, there is 14 volts on the feed down to the compressor.
    The controls all seem to be working. Going to LO the fan blows ambient air nicely.
    If you leave in auto mode there just appears to be nothing there. The A/C is normally set at 20 so air blows in on occasion but is ambient.
    The gas pressure reads at 0.5 bar but cannot be totally sure there is enough gas as the compressor clutch does not engage and rotate the compressor.
    Could this be a lack of gas so compressor in safe mode or the compressor clutch has given up the ghost?

    If the clutch is duff can you repair them or is it a new compressor and regas situation?

    Appreciate the forums thoughts.
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Try getting the system vacuumed and topped up and take it from there.