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    Apologies for all the posts lately, This is my first 'big car' and my first Honda so I'm trying to get my head around keeping it running well and where everything is. I've got a few more questions regarding various bits:

    1) Does the 2000 model have an ODB2 port or is it pre-ODB2? I seem to remember ODB2 is 2001 and above but I might be wrong. If it does have one where on earth is it?!

    2) I attempted to clean the EGR valve and channels. Got as far as removing the injectors at which point they started pi**ing fuel everywhere. It's not something I've seen mentioned in any write-ups; I left it for a second but it showed no signs of slowing so I put them back in. After I'd put everything back together I realised I should've probably de-pressurised the fuel system by removing the fuel pump fuse and running it till it died. Would this work or is there some other way of preventing the fuel loss?

    3) Any tips of most efficient shift point for the car? (1.8 VTEC) I've been shifting at 2000 RPM and managed 100 miles from £20. Can I do better?

    4) How do you remove the clock panel? The bulb behind it died and I can't see it in the dark, I looked for any obvious screws or removal points but couldn't see anything. Does it just pop out or something like the headlight adjuster switch?

    5) Any other good tips? I'm no stranger to working on my own vehicles but have little idea when it comes to this big bugger!
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    wanna shift gear at the red line buddy do 20 miles on £100 :Smile:
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    1) ODBII was mandatory from 2001 (diesel 2004) so you might not have it, if you do its in the passenger footwell near the center console.

    2) Undo the nut at the Fuel Pulsation Damper whilst loosely holding a rag over it to contain fuel spray. Two crush washers are here so it is strongly recommended you replace these. I am going to try and depressurise by removing the fuel pump fuse and cranking the engine a couple of times.



    3) I don't hammer the engine and I get about 100/£20. I don't know when its best to shift, but road anticipation helps too. Driving up to a stop then slamming the brakes doesn't help, less engine load less fuel compensation etc. When decelerating with the throttle valve closed and the engine is above 1100rpm then current is stopped to the injectors to save fuel.

    4) I don't have a clock in mine, if its below the radio then you can get to it by removing the handbrake console then unclipping the trim around the the gearstick and working your way up to it (unless it just pops out as your say). I've got images of removing the handbrake console but not beyond that...I can do some for you unless anyone knows a quicker way.

    5) Any other questions just ask away ( I personally don't do mods or upgrades so I'm useless on that front)
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    you can pull the gear shift surrond out by prying it up from the end nearest the rear under there is 4 screws that hold in the clock and cuppy hole unit in place. undo and pull. should work. don't need tools to remove the gear surrond just stick your hand into the gaiter and pull. that worked for me.
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    This might help (only using my phone sorry if pic is pants or doesnt upload)

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    These are all fantastic. Thanks very much for the replies guys, much appreciated!

    - - - Updated - - -

    So I attacked the passenger side carpet and there's no ODB2. Is there another diagnostic port anywhere on the car? Anything I could plug a reader into and see what it's telling me with regards to any fault codes or such.
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    United Kingdom Andy Aberfoyle
    There is a plug you can 'short' which flashes the EML on the dash to correspond to the fault. Google for Honda codes I know Eric The Car Guy has a vid on it. I think the plug in question is behind the passenger lower dash panel, maybe behind the glove box. I think I saw it there when doing the pollen filter...check that howto, hopefully all the pics are back now.
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    I hope that I'm not intruding, especially as Andy has provided so much information, - but I experienced a similar problem finding the connector when I needed to display a fault code on my old 5th Generation. I don't know whether the 6th Generation is the same.

    On the 5th, fault codes were denoted by a number of flashes on the instrument panel after a shorting plug was inserted in a socket behind the kick panel on the passenger side. Pulling back the panel revealed some wiring, but not the required socket. I really had to dig deep and remove the sill plate and some carpet before I found the connector.

    It's a little grey two-pin socket, and the idea is to short the pins with a special plug.

    In my case my problem was intermittent, and although the code is supposed to be stored, someone else told me that it hadn't been, - but I suspected that they were trying to access it via the larger OBD socket immediately under the dash.

    Those who know me will instantly realise that I am clearly not designed for grovelling around in the footwell when I suspect that the car has malfunctioned, so (although I obtained the official plug) I got hold of a matching plug (old type speaker connector) and attached a switch at the end of a bit of wire. That way, I could check from the driver's seat, whenever I liked. It certainly worked for me, and I was able to identify the sensor problem and confirm it with a multimeter.

    I imagine that someone has already uploaded the list of fault codes to this excellent site, but if not, then I will have it here somewhere, if needed.

    I've (tried to) attach a picture of both the official shorting plug and the type of connector that I used, inclusing part numbers. Previous efforts to improvise with paper clips and bits of stiff wire failed dismally, and did nothing for my backache !

    Of course, as I acknowledged at the beginning, this 5th Generation stuff might not be any help to Bonner with his 6th Generation, but I came across this page when I was having my problems: Honda Data Link Connectors The 99-02 Accord is mentioned close to the top of the page, whereas the method which I have been talking about is mentioned at the bottom.

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    also look on your app store for honda database i downloaded it for free might come in handy some time