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    Well to day was a great day for a wash and wax, got up this morning and set to work, first wash with an orange based shampoo, then a rinse. snow foamed the car and left for 10 min. rinsed of again and dried with micro fibre cloths, and then a two part wax with Diamondbrite. Shame it now shows the poor finish quality of the paint work, haho can't have every thing perfect.

    DSC_0575. DSC_0577. DSC_0573. DSC_0572.
    DSC_0571. DSC_0574.

    And a nice clean car, ready for my new
    225 19s rims to go on, just got to decide what make of rubber to put on them.
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    :Need Pics:
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    sorry the first time it didnt down load the pictures, second time ok
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    Looks superb!
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    Nice one.

    Looks great mate, love that colour !
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    Looking good, nice work. Paint looks great, much better than mine, must get my bumper resprayed this summer, its chipped to hell on the passenger side.

    Are you selling your Honda 7 spoke wheels, might be interested at the right price?


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    Sorry but going to put winter tyres on for next winter and keep the 19 inch ones for best.
    still think the paint work is rubbish, this is my second 8th Generation accord and that was bad as well, the car has only done on 15k in 2 years and the bonnet looks like its orange peel. my dads got a fiesta thats 3 years old with 40k on it and it looks 10 times better.

    Any one have any views on what tyres for the 19 inch rims, i will need 225/40/19 so the speedo reads the same,.:Frown:
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    The wheels on my car are 225/50 /17, by changing the to the 225/40/19 the radius stays the same and the speedo still gives the same reading. should give a firmer ride, the honda garage i brought the wheels from said they fitted them on an accord before and worked well.
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    Sounds Ok then. Get some pics up and let us know how they feel.
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    good job man. although..
    just looking at these pics is reminding me how dirty mine has become :Smile:
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    yes you do have to keep on top of the paint work. it seems that this new water based paint is a step backwards,
    i think its the only thing that lets the car down, god knows what these cars are going to look like in 5 to 10 years time, full of touch up paint or having them fully resprayed. keeps the touch up companies in business.