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    What a gem of a site this is,

    A big thanks go to those who have upheld this site, the knowledge on here is great, I raided these forums prior to purchasing my accord, I managed to purchase a 2004 Honda Accord 2.2I-CTDi Executive Sat Nav / 17" Alloys for just shy of £2400, with only 90,000 miles on the clock, with Honda service history up to 66,000 miles and random garage services since, so I couldn't resist, it was from a friend at work who was moving overseas and was happy for me to match whatever webuyanycar offered.

    Since owning the car I have seen much talk in regards to the timing / oil pump chain and I do have a rather rough sounding engine, my local mechanic has informed me its just a tensioner for the auxiliary belt, I have yet to see if the belt has been revised to the shorter belt without the pulley to take the stress from the alternator, if not I plan to get it revised and I'm hoping while its off they can start the engine momentarily to see if the issue persists, if not process of elimination would suggest its either a bearing or pulley somewhere, wish me luck!

    Since owning the car I had some niggles, a knocking sound which was resolved through a nice new drop link, and also the air-conditioning didn't work, its been serviced with a new cabin / pollen filter, re-gassed, but unfortunately still requires a new pressure switch / sensor, it's being fitted this Friday, I will keep you all posted, has anyone else ever had that issue?

    I'll take some pictures soon, to share with you all, I'm considering getting the car remapped through celtic tuning, got a good offer from them and its hard to resist, has anyone else had their car remapped through them?, other than the clutch and drivetrain, is their much else to worry about? :Smile:


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    hey Chris thanks for the kind words! been following your issues on the other thread but can't get the courage to say "I told you so" in a consolatory tone.

    Hope you get out of the rut soon fella.