Accord/8th Gen A little help needed.

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    Would anyone be able to shed a little light on the difference between the model variants? I'm currently trying to book my MOT online in work, and therefore don't have all of my car details to hand, one of the questions is model variant. I have a 2008 Accord 2.2 DTEC EX GT, however the only options for diesels are either a CN or a CU3.

    I Have no idea which is mine and really need to book my MOT; any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Mate,

    Pretty sure yours is a CU3, CN was 7th Generation.
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    Thanks for your help.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC

    Not being funny, but if your garage cannot tell the difference then I would be very worried about having a light bulb changed from them, let alone them doing an MOT on a car they know sod all about.

    Save yourself the hassle and take it to a tester who knows what the differences are. Nothing worse than having the wool pulled over your eyes and then sit back to convalesce over "open-wallet-surgery".
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    It's not so much the garage doesn't know the difference it's more their website, which i'm booking through, doesn't automatically get all of the car details via my number plate and i wasn't sure of my variant; The last thing i want is to turn up at the garage and they manage to extract a few more pounds for my error.

    Anyhow, fingers crossed it sails through without any attention needed, except for my two front tyres.
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    Hello Peter

    Seems a stupid website design anyway. It's either a diesel test or a petrol test, with a few variants for age that the MOT tester knows anyway.