Fuel Efficiency A record?... 1.004,7 km (623,86 miles) on 1 fuel tank (petrol!!) = 5,7 l/100 km (56,5 mpg).

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    Belgium Aalst
    Was it fun?
    - not always, had to keep my right foot high. Pfff.... And let German diesels go their way. That was not fun.
    How did you do this?
    - driving 90 km/h (56 m/h) on the highway, 70 km/h (44 m/h) elsewhere and nowhere over the speedlimit, short shifting to the extreme
    Many highway miles?
    - yes, let's say approx. 85%, but also 5 to 6 rather short drives.
    Hows the car's 'situation'?
    - 1000 km away from next oil change, 0W20 is in sump, 18 inch Delta wheels with Yokohama Advan Sport tyres, car totalled 128.500 km (80.000 miles)
    Will you do it again?
    - Mayby, but no intention to do it next few tankfills!! Let's rev her again.
    Why did you do this?
    - To see at what she's able to, for the sport.
    You believe it's a record?
    - Yes, let's see on the Honda Karma forum if others come up with better results for an 8th Generation 2.0 i-VTEC.
    Have you got pictures to prove this?
    - Sure, here they are, still had for 24 km (15 miles) in the tank when filling up. Fuel consumption for this fill was 5,7 l/100 km (56,5mpg)

    DSC_0260[1].JPG DSC_0261[1].JPG DSC_0262[1].JPG
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    Impressive. :Thumbup:
  3. DeviateDefiant Co-Founder Staff Team

    United Kingdom Leo Northants
    That's some insane economy there @i-DSI congrats, I think that is a CU1 record for the forum.

    I've never tried to get good economy out of my CL9, my best is around 400 miles to a tank, that's from fatigue holding back my heavy right foot :Laughing:
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    Good result @i-DSI

    Best I've had out of my I-DTEC is 54.5MPG on a motorway run.

    Got over the 20k miles mark now though so hopefully some improvement may be seen in future as it's loosening up now.
  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Brilliant just shows you can do it.
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  7. Racy Jace Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I got 63.5mpg from a 80 mile trip to manchester going at 70mph in my I-DTEC. That's my new record. Even when driving back in the rain at 80mph I finally got 58mpg Over 160 miles.
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    Denmark micko copenhagen
    I can tell you how much my 2.0 auto did on the way to Montenegro from Denmark. In all I drove 2191km and I use 181 liter petrol. So it 8.26 L/100 or 12.1 km/L

    I could have done better if I was driving 110km/h insted of 140-160km/H. And the last 250 km was mountain roads.

    So if we drive our hondas normally the economy could be very good but where is the fun in that.
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    Sligtly different to yours but still pleased with it. My car have bit more horses under the hood then yours @i-DSI .

    Just back from my holiday and done 4000 miles and according to on board thingy

    On last tankful done 454 miles and still another 140 to go


    How accurate is on board computer i don't know but considering car was full not bad going i think.
    Now need to pay someone to clean the car.
    Absolutely filthy and no chance i am coming to Japfest with car looking as it is.
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    Impressive @AccordCU2

    Who says 2.4 petrols aren't efficient. :Hooray:
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    Belgium Aalst
    We're in the same ballpark!! Very impressive for the 2.4 !!
    Using 0W20 as well?
    One thing I forgot to mention, helping to reach very high MPG's: the built-in DEFA electrical engine heater. I use it also in the summer. Engine never starts cold at home.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Agreed. I didn't buy this car to do this, but as said, just wanted to check what she's capable at.
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    It obviously pays off well @i-DSI :Niceone:
    Would probably have a massive benefit in I-DTEC as well. Especially in winter where it seems to take forever to warm up.
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    Yes using 0W 20 same as you.

    Strange thing Honda Gdansk (Poland)
    do not recommend this oil and when i insisted on it to be used they did not have it nor could they order it for me.

    I had 5 litres in my boot and had to give them that to use to service my car.
  14. i-DSI Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Belgium Aalst
    Honda Poland is right: Poland is not part of the 'service reminder system'-countries. In this case another oil chart is applicable, starting with 0W30.
    I can't explain why not in Poland... Can only guess. 0W20 needs to be changed more often (??) and the SvRS in my car makes me change oil every 14 to 15.000 km. If I would drive the car in non-service reminder EU-country (Poland e.g.) I could drive 20.000 km, but with 0W30 minimum viscosity.
    The 15.000 km with the oil has always been a constant thing, as well with me as with previous owner. And both him and me drive a lot with the car, long distances, lot of highway...etc. All in favour of long oil life.
    So can it be the SvRS keeps in mind that 0W20 can be in the sump? Don't know for sure.
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    Matt Peterborough
    I average around 55 MPG from my I-CTDI (calculated by me) and that's mostly driving in rush hour stop-start traffic averaging 40 mph. I average about 630 miles from a tank. On a clear road my trip computer regularly reads high 60's - low 70's MPG at just over 60 mph. But never had the chance to do a tank full at that sort of speed to see just how far it'll go.