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    I would like to thank the former scumbags who owned my car before me. I get the feeling she's spent most of her life in the Leicester area and was sold at auction. The perchasers who I bought her from then drove down to London where they could make a couple of quid.
    I was happy to bid away on eBay as I needed a cheap car and it came with one years not and tax or so I thought.
    Imagine my surprise after over two months ownership we received a letter from DVLA stating the previous owners
    , no total SCUM had stopped the chq. They demanded I return the disc or I will get prosecuted for fraud ! !
    Obviously the no hopers did a runner or moved and as the new keeper I'm an easy target.
    To add insult to injury I even had to back pay to when the tax was bought, sorry stolen.
    So I hope the Honda karma works for me and they suffer every motoring misfortune they deserve .
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    When was that? From 1 October 2014 by law all new cars are sold without Tax and even if they don't recall the tax disc the moment to submit V5C the tax is automatically refunded to original owner.
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    Hi, sorry didnt make it very clear but it was when we still had paper discs. It wasn't the fault of the eBay sellers, they just drove it to London and never registered it. Perhaps that's one reason they changed the system
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    Where do people come up with these scams ! Jeezzz !
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    I suppose its the same as the insurance scam where they pay for it in instalments then stop paying get a few weeks for nothing then say oh I didn't know I hadn't played officer, as their old clinker heads off to the scrappy.