Introductions A wanna be Accord diesel Owner (but still drive a rover 45 diesel)

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    Hey guy's and girls.

    I am 35 , aircraft engineer by trade and I am just gathering information on the accord diesels.
    Living in the Leeds Bradford area .

    I am currently driving a Rover 45 Diesel from 2001, (tuned, but bought like that). and I am looking buy a Japanese Diesel, either a Subaru Legacy Or Accord CDTI.

    Greetings to all .


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    One of the things you need to check is the clutch take it for a test drive on a motorway get in 6th gear and accelerate if you feel it slip you can knock a grand if the asking price
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    Yup clutch for sure and if you chip it you'll be looking at putting one in even sooner lol.
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    Hey bud

    Welcome to AOC :Thumbup:

    I had a Accord 2005 diesel, cracking car. Wife has a Legacy diesel - just my feelings but 8th Generation Accord is a far better car, with the exception of the 4 wheel drive but then do you need it? Accord will also hold its value better than the scooby - Subaru is just as likely to develop dreaded clutch/flywheel issues to and I wouldn't touch a re mapped but that's just me.. I am biased as I didn't want to buy her the Legacy I wanted the Accord :Wink: