Pre-Purchase About to acquire a free 3rd Generation! A little advice please?

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    Hi all!

    Surprise conversation last week went along the lines of.....would you like a free car well I'm not going to say no am I!

    Transpires it's a 1986 Accord with 50K on the clock....and for the last few years has covered the amazing total of 6 miles per year to and from the test centre.

    I've not seen the car yet and this is all the info I have so far....

    its a honda accord 2.0 Exi automatic, so thats fuel injection, runs on 4 star leaded, but works with 4 star unleaded as well, though it might perhaps be advisable to add some kind of additive every now and then, (though i never actually have). mileage as of last year, 49,997 as recorded by the garage, (i haven't gone down to actually look tho, so it might be 50,000 now). its the typical light honda-blue colour, registered on 21 may 1986, so its 30 years old now.
    there are a few niggly problems as you might expect. one of the automatic door locks, doesn't, (driver side back seat), there is a problem with the passenger side electric window i seem to recall, a few rust spots, of course, and although the offside electric wing mirror works, it is held on with insulation tape and lots of glue.
    i am not aware of any major mechanical problems, 2 new tyres were fitted a few years back, the battery as well.

    Sounds pretty good right?
    It's booked in for an MOT next week and all going well I should actually collect it soon after. All being well I intend for this to become my daily driver.

    OK some questions :Smile:

    Is this engine happy to run on unleaded?
    Are there any common faults with the central locking and electric windows before I start stripping everything out to fix those issues?
    Where on earth can I find a replacement ns mirror!

    And is there anything else I need to be aware of? Naturally she'll have a full fluid change...would you recommend changing the auto fluid or leaving it alone?

    Oh and last of many of these are left? I can't recall seeing one since I was a teen!

    Thanks for your help, I'll stick some pics up once I get my hands on her :Smile:
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    Hi Steve @spjmorris Sorry No one has picked up this thread so far.

    It brilliant that you found a super rare Accord 3rd Generation and would love to see it. These cars are super rare and very desirable in my opinion there is few about look in our garage 3rd Generation (1986-1989)

    To your first question yes your car will run on unleaded quite easily with some minor adjustment to the ignition and carb. There will be no need to run an additive within the fuel the valves and valve seats are hard. I run unleaded in my first gen too and no issues whatsoever. Honda were ahead in engineering even back then.

    To your second question electrical faults on the central locking are common and far and between all Honda cars it will be something really easy or takes time to troubleshoot if you have faulty parts then it may be tricky to get hold of them.

    Replacement mirror do you mean the entire assembly or just the mirror, the glass you could get a generic one.

    Just check the entire undercarriage sills , arches for rust and take steps to undercoat the car with protective under seal.

    I would change every single fluid on that car from day one and then do another one after a few months to flush all legacy fluids out.

    Congrats on the purchase
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    Pity there was never any follow up on this thread @spjmorris

    Do let us know how you are getting on, and show us some pictures!
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    it is a shame would be nice to know but after 4 months of inactivity i doubt it
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    I have five 3rd Generation (!986-1989) Accords three on the road and two scrap for my own spares. 1 '86 Saloon (spares); 1 '87 Aerodeck Automatic; 1 '88 Saloon; 1 '88 (spare) and 1 '89 top of the heap saloon. Not bragging but you might conclude I like them. No problem running them on unleaded. List of my problems include the ALB (ABS) brake system and Rust, rear arches in particular, All of the automatic aerials are stuck in extended position. (Forget trying to fix this, it is innaccesable) Generally electrics have not been a problem. (regarding central locks......I presume you have already fiqured out the locks close clockwise? My advice, tackle the rust first, check the tank and filler pipe, parts are no longer available. Good luck would like to know how you get on. Chris