Introductions About to buy a 2005 2.0 Petrol Execative Accord Auto

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    Hi everyone Iam about to buy a 2005 2.0 Petrol Accord Execative
    are there any pitfuls to look out for also if I can't get one with Sat Nav how difficalt is it to retro fit a Sat Nav System
    I know I'll need a full wiring loom and all the bits is it a possible task I don't mind the hard work
    Just like anyone thoughts
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    Hello i have a 2004 54 plate registered in Feb 2005 Accord, there was a problem with a batch of clutches on or around the time my car was built i don't know if it there would be possibility of it affecting your new car , i bought the car 6 months old with 10k on the clock everything was perfect,until i noticed a small squealing noise as i balanced the clutch on a little gradient on my way home from work,i contacted my local Honda dealer ,whom i may add i didn't buy the car off ,they contacted the area guy in charge of Ok ING work on behalf of Honda they stripped it down and i had a complete clutch fitted for free they where brilliant, turns out area manager had had the same problem on his company accord,my first post on here hope this helps
  3. Hello and welcome.

    The petrol Accord is fairly bullet proof provided the service history is good but obviously it could have faults so it needs a good checkover before you buy it. Binding brakes can be an issue but not the end of the world to fix.

    The satnav technology is a few years old now without speed limits and speed cameras for example and not so special as to make all that work worthwhile. Do yourself a favour and buy a current Garmin or TomTom instead.
  4. Check inner wear on rear wheels, and check the tailgate works if it's a Tourer.