Suspension, Steering and Brakes abs light and

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    Hi guys,

    My ABS light is on and won't go off..
    i changed the ABS sensor but still the light is still on.... does it have to be turned off with a diagnostic tool..??

    another question is regarding the brakes..
    my car used to have really good brakes, as you just touch the pedal and it would slow right down..but now the travel has increased a lot and the brakes is soft..i have to constantly keep pumping it...but even then when the car comes to a full stop the pedal goes down..
    its has enough brake fluid...just wondering if its the master cylinder gone.. or some seals in the master cylinder gone bust..?? any ideas....

    i keep fixing things and more things going wrong with my car... :Angry::Angry:... me don't like it...
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    Hi Nav,

    Before you changed the ABS sensor on the wheel side did you ascertain what the error was and did you try to remove the DTC code? When ABS related issues come up its best pratice to know whether the DTC is a permanent code or erasable code?

    if you didn't do that changing the sensor was wrong and a waste of time.

    As for poor braking feel you need a professional to do a proper check on the entire braking system don't do any knee jerk reaction changing parts and hoping for the best.

    I have told you before and will tell you again ( Sorry to be Blunt) your car is a pristine example of abused car. if someone was to go into your profile and look at your list of issues, you would wonder why is this guy trying to repair a car which beyond its useable life.

    Dude if I were you cut loose and get rid of that car.. you need a newer better Honda in your life.
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    :Frown: :Frown: i knw.. well my MOT is due and thought of getting it fixed and then get rid of it...
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    ABS Light Fixed :Smile: Number plate lamps out..:Frown:

    ok got the ABS fixed.. the bearing was the wrong way around... turned them around and now all good.. :Smile:
    and now the number plate lamps not working.. both of them are out and i changed the bulbs.. but no luck... :Frown: god this car...
    any ideas guys....
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