Suspension, Steering and Brakes Abs light on

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    My ABS light is on constantly on my project accord f18b2 and I'm just wondering is there a way to get a code to determine the cause.
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    Is there anyone near your with a honda HDS unit that may be able to pull a fault code. Unless you have a fault code reader that is SRS and ABS enabled. The obd port on your car is located in the passenger footwell on the heater control side , under a bump in the carpet.
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    As @Harvey has suggested...The ABS and SRS module codes can only be pulled using specific hardware, generic ones from Ebay won't pull them.

    Another way, is for you to bridge pin 4 and pin 9 of the OBD connector with a paperclip. This will cause the car to go into service mode and the ABS light (on gen 7s - I think its the engine management light on gen 6s) will flash a set number of long and short flashes. All Jap cars do this using this method and whilst its not the official way, its a free way of you seeing what the problem is. Did this on my accord when ascertaining a failed ABS modulator. I then got this confirmed by Honda later due to the cost of replacing it.

    Here is a diagram for you.


    1 - Keys out of the ignition, car completely turned off
    2 - Bridge pin 4 and 9 using a paperclip or something like that (make sure you get the right pins)
    3 - When this is bridged, turn the car ignition to "ON" position
    4 - Watch the ABS warning light, it should start flashing, count the flashes

    Long flash is 10, short flash is 1. My code was 66-1, (gen 7), so it gave 6 long flashes, followed by 6 short flashes. The car will go through all the error codes, seperated by a short pause between each one. When it reaches the end of error codes, it will give a slightly longer pause, around 3 secs or so, and then repeat the cycle so if you do lose count or whatever, it will come back round again.

    I will post a pic up of my error codes flashing to help others when I get home later on today at some point. In the meantime - check out the 7 minute mark, this is what it will do.

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