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    This is abit of a strange one. This morning when I went to my car after it sitting overnight I went out and the ABS warning light didn't go out, indicating a fault had occurred, I tried my obd2 scan tool on my phone (Bluetooth elm327 and torque pro) but it didn't detect any faults (wasn't expecting the tool to work with the ABS system) I left the car running for abit, stopped to get some cash and switched off the engine. When I came back the light went out as normal.

    Does the ECU store fault codes for this so I can see what they are if someone has HDS?
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    ABS codes cannot generally be detected with generic testers through the OBD2 port. You would need a specialist one to pull ABS codes. It might have just had a bit of muck on one of the sensors and the drive cleared it away. See if it comes back again. All error codes are normally stored until deleted as far as I know.
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    @Nighthawk I didn't think the generic one I have would have pulled the code, but was worth a try. Think I may invest in one of those ebay specials HDS systems that are available.
    Like you said it might have been abit of muck on one of the sensor that's upset it.
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    Snap one or HDS or other code reader with a heft price tag code readers will read em mate with out a sweat. or when we meet I will bring my HIM.
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    Next time we meet, if you have your HIM HDS I'll get you to have a look. If that's ok
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