Electrical & Lights Access to rear wiper motor

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  1. Zebster Guest

    After a lengthy period of becoming slower, my rear wiper motor has eventually packed up. So I now need to access the motor to determine whether the motor had failed, or whether it's a problem with the electrical feed.

    The Honda ESM is very vague regarding the necessary trim removal, so if anyone here has accessed the rear wiper motor then I'd be very grateful for some tips before I launch in to yanking off panels in an uninformed frenzy.
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    Just remove the internal rear boot trim and then you should have access to the motor bud.
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  3. Zebster Guest

    The hard plastic piece directly under the window, the 'velvety' piece below it, or both?

    How do they come off... Do you just lever the panels off from the side with a screwdriver?
  4. Zebster Guest

    Bump... Anyone removed the tailgate interior trim?
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    Hi Zebster.
    Sorry can't help with access to the motor, from passed experience you will probably find that the output shaft to the wiper arm will need some lubrication-grease reapplying. The grease deteriorates over time, water finds its way in starts rusting and hay presto slow motor.
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    Hey Zeb,
    The top edge hard plastic panelling is in three interlocking sections pry out from the curved lower outside edges.It's as far as I got checking heated rear window, but imagine the rest to be a similar arrangement to a door card.
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  7. Zebster Guest

    Thanks... Hopefully I can get a chance to try this in the next few days.
  8. raza4 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Mine stopped working to I removed it grease it and put 12volts from a car charger through it and it started working again there is alot of clips to take the boot trim off.
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  9. Zebster Guest

    Yep, same here. Took mine off today and the output drive shaft was seized solid. After a good soaking in PlusGas I managed to hammer the shaft down enough to get some grease in and free it up. Works a treat now!

    I've taken photos and will put a DIY together covering how to remove the tailgate trim, how to test the motor and how to remove and repair the motor/drive assembly.
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  10. jimjams Guest

    I found this while looking in the Honda ESM for something else, identifies all the trim-clips sizes and locations, might be handy in the DIY

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  11. Zebster Guest

    Thanks, I couldn't find that in the ESM. Nevertheless, it was how to/where to begin removal of the trim that bothered me... I didn't want to damage the trim or break any of the clips.

    Removng the wiper arm was actually the hardest part of the job. These PFL 7th gens are getting very long in the tooth and most exposed assemblies are invariably corroded solid... Every job I do involves a chisel, a hammer and half a can of penetrating oil.
  12. jimjams Guest

    I think that's all that some "garage mechanics" have in their tool box LOL
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