Engine & Gearbox Accord 1987 - is it water pump ?

Discussion in '3rd Generation (1986-1989)' started by smilegr8, Friday 31st May, 2013.

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    Hi just a quick question - I drove it for 600 yards this morning and I noticed a liquid dripping underneath which is very probably antifreeze - so returned home - (1 min to drive )

    meanwhile the temperature went quickly from 0 to almost 90 - means the coolant system was empty also the radiator was cold - as it was empty obviously . I didn't have time to have la proper look - probably on Monday

    What do you think is it the pump ? I assume is the pump - as it happened 6 years ago to my other 3rd gen accord - same as above - and it was the pump .

    Is the pump inside the engine ? I mean do I have to open the engine to replace it ? if so may be I can replace the cambelt too in one go ?

    thanks Iurie

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    for the last few times I drove it - I could feel an oil-burned smell - not too bad - and i thought is the break pads - checked them they was ok
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    did you get this sorted? check your bottom rad pipe, it may of worked its way loose under pressure, check the condition of the fastening. I would check for leaks before pointing at anything else
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    Sorry missed this thread. :Blink: Leaks as well as the jammed thermostat will be preventing flow of water from the head into the radiator.

    As Chris has said check for leaks then remove the top hose elbow to remove the thermostat see if that open when immersed in boiling water.

    top tip put a wire on it so you can pull it out of the out water without burning your hands.