Pre-Facelift Model Accord 2.2 i-DTEC

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    Hey Guys :Smile:

    Sorry but could admin delete my last thread. It kept coming up blank..

    Currently in the market for one of these.. Love the look of them and drove one today and i fell head over heels in love with it. i was :Sobbing: leaving it back.

    However i did notice when i lifted the boot carpet, Under the foam tool holder there was a pretty big puddle of water in the well. this alarmed me right away but the guy told me that it was professionally valeted. all boot carpets etc and then the car was parked up in the garage. so the water just drained down and sat there.. is this anything to worry about on these models?

    Also just looking for any info on reliability? what to look out for? the good and the bad bits? cost of parts / servicing / maintenance

    Any info is much appreciated and i look forward to picking my car and contributing to the site :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Brum
    don't drive diesel myself so can't tell you too much.
    You can check for latest updates on here Recalls And Updates | Honda Owners | Cars | Honda (UK) (Not sure if this applies for cars in Ireland)
    DPF seem to give few owners headache.Have a look through history and check if correct oil has been used.
    Wait for some Diesel owners who might tell you bit more what to look out for.
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    United Kingdom Brum
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    Cheers again Zoran for your help. I read that article on DPF already there a few minutes ago searching through the forum.

    The first link. the honda recalls aren't working :Frown:
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Just had a look and it seems that on line Honda recalls and updates services its not working at the moment for some reason.
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    Unless you're intending to use the car on regular long high speed motorway journeys, avoid the diesel because you'll find that stop-start journeys clog up the DPF and never allow the engine to reach optimum operating temperature.
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    Hello my fellow Irishman :Wink:

    I just this past month purchased my first Accord, went for the 2.2 I-DTEC ES GT. My first recommendation to you is to go to page 1 on this forum, and read all the threads that cover topics that look of interest, that's what i did - invaluable background reading.

    The motor in that link looks clean and mileage looks decent for an 2008. The price ain't too bad, especially for here in Ireland but if you shopped around you prob could get a 2009 for that price fairly easily. That motor doesn't have the side skirts, which were a must for me, makes that bit of difference for me in terms of looks.

    The diesel DPF will only give you bother if you're doing low mileage and frequent short distances. But this isn't much different to other modern diesels of which have DPFs. If you're doing 15-20K+ per year, the diesels for you.

    Happy shopping.

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    Cheers big RON :Smile:

    Yea.. i know what you mean.. i do a fair bit of driving... mostly to anf from my girlfriends house which is a 15 mile jouney part of which is motorway. that aswell as other driving i cover round 15k a year :Smile:

    Yes the milege is nice alrite. but i was alarmed by the puddle in the boot well :Frown: is oleaking boot a problem on these cars?

    All the Gt models which are about £1200 cheaper they also have round 115k + miles :Frown:
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    Mine has a puddle in the boot. However dealer (non honda) is looking into it. I believe it's an issue with some as I've read the same issues with acura tsx's across the pond.
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    From my own experience I can't say I have ever had water ingress at all in the boot. The car shown there is Sep 2008, a very early build 8th Generation, so there may have been issues with those cars, but I've certainly never had any water get in, except when its raining and I have the boot open to put the shopping in etc!
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    Hi Stephen
    I experienced an ingress of water in the boot of my ES GT which was a 2009.
    On returning my car to the Honda dealer to investigate the problem, it was established that a sealing bung had become detached from the floor pan which let in the water. No doubt over zealous use of a jet wash to prepare the car for sale resulted in the ingress of water.
    Replacement of the bung with a suitable sealer resolved the problem.
    Maybe this is the same on your car.
    Mike c
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    Cheers for all the help guys. still haven't found a car yet.. test drove another yesterday. Beautiful car with 83k miles and FSH. The steering wheel pulled from side to side. and there was a serious flat spot in low rev's. the car wouldn't start going till 2k RPM? is this normal?

    Looking like i'l be traveling over to the Uk and bring one home :Smile:
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    In low revs (sub 1700rpm) the diesel engine is a little 'flat' from my own experience