Tyres & Wheels Accord 2.4 - what size space-saver for Tourer ?

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    Trying to buy a space-saver for my 2006 2.4 auto Tourer (facelift).

    I have seen quite a few advertised for "7th Generation accord" on ebay -

    Some are marked up with the actual wheel-size 5x114.3 D16 - Is this the correct size, and do all the 7th Generation Accords fit this size ? I did read on one forum someone claiming the different engine sizes had different sized front calipers so needed differnet shaped/sized space-saver wheels ? (2.4 having biggest calipers ?!)

    (Or is this just bunkem.... I would have thought easier to make one wheel big enough to fit all )

    Most seem to be from 2.2CDTis.
    are these a one-size so if its for a 7th Generation accord I can assume it will fit.... or do I need to get one from a 2.4 ?

    Apart from the wheel what else do I need - a clamp to fit it in ? I presume Jack and Brace can be stowed somewhere in the luggage bay - behind one of the corner storage areas ?


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    For my 2007/8 Exec Tourer, I bought a spare wheel via HH, who kindly arranged a HondaKarma discount at my local dealer in Jersey last Jan.
    Not sure what the size is , but the part number on the invoice = 06KITSEDTEPW.

    Happy to look at the size tomorrow, if required.
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