Electrical & Lights Accord 2004 SE 2.0 Tourer - Bulb Replacement Front and Rear

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    I'm new here and glad I found your forum.

    I just bought a Honda Accord Tourer SE 2.0 2004, excellent condition and a full Honda service history. Love it!

    I'm a bit confused though as to how to change bulbs around the car. If some of you have been through changing/replacing bulbs in an Accord Tourer 2004, I would like to thank you in anticipation for your contribution.:Smile:
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    welcome to the forum. ime not sure if a guide has been posted yet but i am sure somone has replaced all there bulbs with led ones on here. if they havnt allready ime sure they could take some pictures and make a guide. the tailgate bulbs are accessed quite easily but the headlamp bulbs can be a tight sqeeze to get too. if you struggle with a particular one let us know
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    Hi and Welcome to AOC, LJG. We do have a guide in how to repalce the stock bulbs to http://hondakarma.com/posts/188/

    However bulb changes are very rare on a Petrol as the electrics are more of less indestructible , in 7 year of ownership of my 2004 2.0 tourer not a single bulb has EVER failed. In the one half year of LED conversion I have blown 3 little LED's.

    They say LED's are supposed to outlive tungsten bulbs :Whistle: so until Honda starts to make and sell LED's as factory option we will continue replace the cheap Chinese ones. On 2007 Tourer till date I haven't replaced a single LED, so touch wood having more lucky with that one.

    Do you have a owners manual the step by step to replace all the bulbs is given in simple English, if not we could replicate the guides on here.
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    Hi, thank you for the warm welcome.

    I have a standard book [a thick one] and the service book. I looked through the big one and can't remember spotting bulb replacement instructions. I'll check again. :Smile:
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    Have a look bud, and see where that takes you, as stated we could some simple guides.
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    These are the rear light bulbs ...... eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
    and you get ten for less that £2 delivered to your door (ordered mine today as my N/S lamp next to the reversing lamp was out.
    The bulb socket was very tight to remove (take of the cover panel on th ehatch with a blunt knife and quarter turn the socket anti- clockwise to release) but can be helped if you watch the socket through the light itself from the front.
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    Hi Ichiban,

    Well, I did look and figured out that maybe because of past experience with other cars, I simply assumed the Owner's Manual was missing. It is not missing. It's integral part of the big volume book.

    So, I found all the instructions to change any bulb around the car, sketches and instructions are fairly clear. Guidance to place a cloth against the plastic covers and pry a flat small screwdriver through the cloth against the plastic is actually sensible to prevent cracking plastic covers, though the book and drawings should bit more clear about where exactly to pry and open the cover.

    I have to go to my Honda Dealership, for different reasons, nothing too complicated, but might take the opportunity and budget a quote for a new right hand side tailgate lamp set, because there is condensation present in the one I have installed and that needs sorted. I wonder if it is going to show a colour difference when looked at side by side with the left hand side... Dunno, will see.

    Best regards :Smile:
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    Bulbs received today and are perfect. I now have nine spare but probably will never have to use them!!??
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    Driver side tail light [ just the bit attached to the corner, not the one on the actual gate] forms condensation. Lovely. Replacement with Honda £100.00 + VAT including labour. It probably is going to look different in colour from the passenger side light. Lol:Grin: