Tyres & Wheels Accord 2009 2.2 i-DTEC space saver tyre

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    Like a lot of people I don't trust the installed TRK that I have in my recently purchased Accord - I have just bought a space saver tyre kit off EBAY - brand new and it comes with the 17" wheel, foam tool tray and retaining clamp. The space under floor cover is only suitable for the TRK - do I need to buy another moulded area to accommodate the space saver? Please advise.

    Thanks, Bob
  2. richsprint Account Closed. ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Try taking the existing under floor cover out, I think its just clipped in around the edges, see if the wheel fits then.

    Someone will be along with a more specific answer I'm sure.
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    Thanks - I'll give it a try later & let you know. Bob
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    If the 8th Generation is the same as the 7th, boot tray unclips and give you access to secure the space saver.
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    On mine, all I did was to remove the foam tray that contained the TRK compressor and jack etc, and the space saver just dropped in and the replacement tray fitted over that a treat, nice level boot floor. My spare is a 16" space saver though as that is the correct size for the 2009 Accord.
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    I'm sure the sure the space saver is the same for 16, 17 & 18 inch. The overall diameter of those tyre and wheel combination is the same, it's just the profile of the tyre that changes.
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    Thanks for the replies, have now removed the fitted insert containing the TRK compressor etc and as was said the space saver tyre drops in - it came with a foam tray to put the tools in and to my amazement the
    threaded hole in there for the securing bolt to screw in (again this came with the kit. So once more thanks for the help, at least I can drive safely knowing I have a spare in the boot!!

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    I've just picked up my 2.2 I-DTEC today and have a similar concern about the lack of spare wheel - do you have a link to the kit on eBay?


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    Retail price at a Honda dealer for wheel/tyre, retaining bolt and tool holder is around £170. Most dealers will do it for £140 if you push them, especially Holdcroft Honda. Also try searching 'accord space saver' on Ebay.
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    Thank you for the link!