Pre-Purchase Accord 2nd Generation For Sale

Discussion in '2nd Generation (1982-1985)' started by earthsciencer1, Sunday 27th Mar, 2016.

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    I had to go across to Lancashire today and whilst driving between Whalley and Preston I was amazed to see a 2nd Generation Accord in a layby with large posters in the windows advertising it for sale at £1495. It was a Y Reg Saloon in blue and looked OK in passing. Unfortunately I was in a line of traffic and could not easily stop as it was close to a bend.

    I know that these are pretty rare now and thought that I would post it in case anyone is looking for one as a Project.

    The exact location was a village called Copster Green opposite a restaurant called Yu and You. Is it possible that it belongs to someone on this forum?
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    Where are all these 2nd Generation accord popping out from ? Lol