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    Accord 7th Generation Audio Integration


    I have recently bought an Accord Tourer and I already want to modify it!

    I am curious if there has been any attempt to modify the accord so it can integrate with something as a means of control, for example a raspberry pi. I have seen a number of posts from Speedy and I feel like I might be headed for overkill here.

    My primary goal is to simply play digital music through the vehicle's speakers. After researching I have noticed that there seem to be two main options that are around on this forum. Xcarlink and Grom.

    At the moment I have an android and will be using spotify or another steaming service to play music. Will either product allow me to control music that isn't stored locally?

    Would be best solution be a grom aux input and a cradle to allow easy access (giggady)?

    Any advice would be great, along with other links to more advanced projects.


    This is a great forum BTW. Keep up the awesome work!

    EDIT - made the post a little more relevant.
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    Shinda, yes cradled phone with AUX input to headunit would be the easiest option.
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