Sold Accord coupe 2.0i available as donor/project car

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    Many thanks to IchibanAccord, who has granted me new member dispensation to use this part of the forum...

    Genuine 6th generation (American built) Accord Coupe owner, hoping my old car can help keep another on the road...

    Full details...

    Accord ES Coupe 2.0i automatic (2000, X). Milano Red Donor/project car, available...

    Heartbreakingly my beloved old coupe has finally come to its usable end...
    ECU has gone faulty, and gearbox beginning to develop a slip which renders repair uneconomic...
    Car starts and would run fine if i never had to stop at lights; however, engine cuts out at low revs once at engine is at its operating temperature.

    Last August I had the air-con compressor replaced with a new unit at much expense, in hope I'd get another 2-3 years out of car.
    Distributor has been replaced with a new unit recently, (first major suspect in trying to find out what was causing the cut-out problem).
    These items are pricey, esp. the compressor, which I'd remove before scrapping at the end of the month.
    However these items alone may be attractive to someone looking for a donor or project car, and would be included for someone interested for that purpose.
    Alloys are kerbed as is normal for a car of this age (refurbishment was last on list of cosmetic repairs) but most could be refurbished, I also have a spare (5th) alloy/tyre, was would be included.
    Bodywork is mostly excellent, no rust anywhere on car; however there is a ding on passenger side wheel arch and a very light depression on passenger door (hit with a football, but only visible at certain angle.
    Passenger mirror is fully working, but has poor paintwork, drivers side mirror has broken linkage (ball joint) and has to be pushed into position.
    Black leather upholstery is immaculate except for small cracking developing on right of driver's seat, rear seats are fresh as day I bought it as rear has virtually only ever been occupied by my son (baby seat & then booster).
    Seat heaters are beginning to take an eternity to warm up (this could be due to the ECU fault).
    Car is currently taxed, but I will be cancelling it in next week. A trailer would be required on pick up.

    I hope this rare model would at least live on, keeping another of these pretty vehicles on the road for a while longer.
    £500 or nearest offer, I am negotiable... so all offers on or above scrap value would be realistically considered.
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