Electrical & Lights Accord Coupe won't start

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    Hello, (Sorry my first post has to be a problem!!)

    Bought an accord and to my amazement it failed to start today. Though it was the battery But after chaining that its still having issues.

    The car turns over but doesn't start. The Engine management light and Green Key fail to light up - Causing it to remain imoblized. Eventually it sounds as if a relay clicks and all this :thumbdown: lights up and it starts.

    Only started today (Heat got somthing to do with it?)

    I shoud mention, when trying to start the immoblizer light does not flash - I though it flashed if the wrong key was entered/not regonized so im not sure its that.

    Could it have somthing to do witht he common ingigion switch issue these suffer from?

    Do 98 Accord's have a "Main Relay?" Google suggests it may be that. Hast cut out whiles driving at all.

    Cheers for any help.

  2. Turn on the ignition from cold and you should hear the fuel pump come on for a couple of seconds...listen if the fuel pump comes on next time you have your starting problem...if it doesn't then it will be a faulty relay.

    Cutting out while driving is the ignition switch fault.
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    Hi all,

    It was the MAIN relay at fault, Soldered the joints and its been fine since!


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