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    Just got a accord ctdi and it's got a whine that gets louder with the revs only, just had new clutch and flywheel but the whine is still there does everyone know what it could be
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    Sound like turbo whine.Mine used to do it from cold but not bad once warmed up.
    Also check all hoses,some might be lose or not connected properly.
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    Its DEF not turbo sounds like its coming from the alternator belt area

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    Sounds more like a bearing or pulley whine
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    Hmm,does your air con compressor works ok?
    On my previous Accord compressor was starting to seize and i had to change it but no noise of any kind.Take the belt off and spin all pulleys(A/C,alternator etc) by hand and see if the noise is coming from any of them.Just a thought.
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    Just recharged the A/C so not that but will check the others thanks

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    I've also had the new size belt fitted
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    That`s all i can think off.Good luck and hope it`s nothing major,let us know how you get on.
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    Hi am welcome have a look at this thread

    it could be that or your engine is showing the first sign of timing chain rattle, either way get it checked out quickly by a trained technician with Honda diesel knowledge.

    Backstreet grease monkeys won't have a clue.
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