Accord CU1 exhaust- Fujitsubo Legalis-R

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    Some of you may have seen my post about possible exhaust options for the CU1 or lack there of with the exception of the custom/fabricated route.

    I asked whether or not it would be possible to fit an exhaust from the CU2. With much doubting and research there was no clear answer. I looked at parts diagrams and both cars share the same exhaust heat sheild part numbers along the centre tunnel which made me think they shared a similar exhaust shape/layout.

    But in the end the only true way of finding out if it fits is to take the plunge and buy an exhaust. The only one which I had come across for the CU2 was the fujitsubo legalis R.

    I looked at various sites to purchase the exhaust from. The first of which was Nengun. There website was very clear in breaking down the costs involved in shipping etc. However, this did not inlude any additional import taxes/charges and the total price would have been in excess of £1,000. This was the same for RHD Japan and other sites.

    I then contacted Hond-R who are not far from me. I have purchased many things from them before and they have always been very helpful, friendly and full of advice. But they quoted me £1,040 which again was to much.

    But at the same time my wife's cousin was looking for an exhaust for his DC5 and had used a company in the past by the name of Injection Imports. The guy he put me in touch with was Matt. He was very helpful and strived for customer satisfaction. After speaking with him he was able to get hold of the exhaust for £740 including delivery and all other charges. So after thinking about it I snapped it up. I ordered it 4 weeks ago and it arrived first thing this morning.

    So after unpacking it straight away I couldn't believe the amazing quality of the exhaust and the welds were a work of art. Included in the packaging were a few air freshners, Japanese sweets and a Japanese car magazine.

    After unpacking it I couldn't wait to get out side and remove my exhaust and compare the 2 to see if it fitted. Removing my exhaust was easier than I thought as I was expecting seized bolts. But there were no problems and it was off in no time. This then gave me the chance to finally put both systems side by side and compare to see if there were any differences. To my surprise they were the same including the triangular flange where it meets the down pipe/flexi like. The bends, layout and fixing points where the same. I took a few pictures to try and make a good comparison to show this.

    The new system went on with no issues and I replaced the rubber mounts at the same time for ccompleteness. In order to fit the passenger side back box I needed some hangers which are absent on the CU1. I purchased these from a company called bastuck. These come with their CAT back system but i was able to purchase these separately.The 2 hangers needed were (HOAC/08-BRKT1 AND HOAC/08-BRKT2). They fit using the 2 M6 threaded holes that are already under the car. In order to secure them I bought some titanium M6 bolts and used thread lock to stop them from coming loose and undersealed them to protect them from rust.

    I hope the pictures help show the similarity of the exhausts and that it is possible to fit after market exhausts to the CU1, which has limited options in terms of modifications in comparison to the CU2. Hopefully this will open up the possibilities for the CU1 and inspire people to look at other options rather than custom route. Obviously I know this might not be feasible for some dud to costs.

    I hope you enjoy the pics. I wasn't sure how to post them so they were visible in this thread so have copied a link to photo bucket.



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    Oh that is fantastic,bet it sound awesome on full throttle.
    I am jealous, wanted one for a long time now.
    Enjoy it.
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    Hi Richard this is brilliant thread and another fan of RHD Japan their prices are brilliant if you buy in bulk they will do a deal. I have added your pictures directly to the thread.
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    Thanks! The pics are in reverse order for some reason must be the way I added them on photo bucket!
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    Car now looks like a CU2, but I bet the sound is very different. I would also expect, with the right remap and headers and CAI, that the exhaust would flow very nicely through the split back system.

    It also goes to show that with a well-made off-the-shelf system, the hangers on the passenger side were easy to line up.
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    Very impressive job there @civicric84. :GoodJob:
    Thank you for sharing your success with us. :Hey:
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    Thank you for your kind words. Was definitely worth taking the plunge. Enjoyed every minute fitting it.
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    I've heard these, they sound awesome. Quiet when you need them to be and throaty when you put your foot down.

    I've rearranged your pics so they flow from start to end, hopefully this order is better.
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