Bulletins & Advisories Accord Diesel i-CTDi PDI, Service and New Model Information

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    This was an internal Honda document given to Honda dealers.

    Description From 2004 Model year, Accord 4 door and Tourer will be available with a 2.2 litre turbodiesel engine.

    New Functions Operation

    1. Driver Seat Belt Reminder Seat belt warning system now incorporates a buzzer, this will sound in conjunction with the existing warning lamp on the instrument panel.
    2. Parking Brake Warning Parking brake warning system now incorporates a buzzer, if the vehicle is driven above 10km/h and the handbrake is still applied a buzzer will sound to warn the driver.
    3. "Hot Gas" Heater System. To counteract slow engine warm up which is a characteristic of direct injection diesel engines a supplementary cabin heater system is fitted. This uses the air conditioning evaporator to provide additional heat to the cabin. This system will operate automatically when the following conditions are met • outside temperature is between +5C and -30C. • coolant temperature is less than 75C. • cabin temperature setting is not in the Low position • blower fan operating. This system is designed to provide additional heat to the cabin only, it will not decrease engine warm up time
    4.Fuel Heater For all markets a fuel system heater is fitted to prevent "fuel waxing" when vehicle is operating in extreme low temperature conditions. The heater monitors fuel temperature and will operate automatically as required. Any electrical failure will be indicated to the driver by illumination of the Glow plug warning lamp.

    Service Information

    1. Fuse Location P.D.I

    • 30Amp fuse will be found in front ashtray
    •Place in underbonnet fuse in location shown in illustration
    •Loose parts for front and rear licence plate mounting will be found in the trunk as per 03 petrol Accord.

    2.Tyre Pressures Tyre pressures are different from Accord petrol:

    03 Accord Petrol Fr/Rr Saloon 220/210Kpa 230/220Kpa 33/32 PSI 04

    Accord Diesel Fr/Rr Tourer 220/210Kpa 230/210Kpa 33/30 PSI

    30amp fuse.

    Maintenance Schedule

    Maintenance schedule is at 12,500 mile intervals or 1 year. To view the service schedule contents please click on the attached file. PAGE 1 OF 4 The service sheet is based on the current 12,500 sheet and will be revised to include diesel. Revised service sheet part number available February 2004).

    Coolant Replacement Schedule The coolant schedule differs from previous diesel/petrol models, the 1st change is scheduled at 62,500 miles or 5 years, thereafter at every 37,500miles or 3 years. Coolant - Honda Type2 Coolant Capacity(coolant change) - 6.8 Litres 5.

    Engine Oil and Filter Replacement and Level Check. Engine oil used must be fully synthetic and meet ACEA grade B1. Preferred viscosity is 0W30. Other viscosities can be used but may increase fuel consumption. Capacity - 5.9 Litres with filter change

    Engine oil level should always be checked using the dipstick with vehicle on level ground and the engine cold, preferably after an overnight stop.
    Checking the level with the engine hot could lead to a false reading.

    The oil filter is an element type and requires a special
    tool to replace - Part No 04151-RBD-305.

    diesel oil filter tool.

    Self Adjusting Clutch (SAC)
    A new type of clutch mechanism is fitted to the diesel engine. A self adjusting mechanism is incorporated into the pressure plate, this reduces changes in pedal effort and travel as the clutch disc wears during normal use. New special tools are required to replace the clutch assy and a specific sequence should be followed to
    tighten the cover retaining bolts. Please see shop manual for repair method.

    Special Tools:
    Pressure Plate Compressor - 07AAF-RAWA100
    Clutch Alignment Shaft - 070AF-RAWA140
    Pressure Plate Compressor Adapter - 07AAF-P8EA020

    Injector Quantity Adjustment (IQA)
    During the manufacturing process the fuel injectors are individually calibrated and their specific output is marked by way of a 6 digit alphanumeric code onto the
    injector body. If any of the injectors are replaced/changed position or the engine ECU is replaced, the codes for each injector and cylinder number should be input into the engine ECU using HDS. For repair method please refer to shop manual. See illustrations for example injector code and list of possible characters used. Please note to avoid misreading some characters are not used for coding

    see illustration,

    i-ctdi injector code.
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    04 EU ACCORD Diesel 4Dr/5Dr Maintenance Schedule Normal Condition)
    Service at the indicated distance or time interval, whichever comes first.×1,000 km20406080100120140160180200 Follow the Normal  
    ×1,000 miles12.5 25.0 37.5 50.0 62.5 75.0 87.5 100.0 112.5 125.0 severe driving conditions
    ×months1224364860728496108120 specified in the Severe
    Replace engine oil xxxxxxxxxx Conditions Maintenance 
    Replace engine oil filter xxxxxxxxxx Schedule on the next page  
    Replace air cleaner element Every 40,000km (25,000miles) do not apply.  
    Drain fuel filter xxxxxxxxxx
    Replace fuel filter x
    Inspect drive belts x x x x x
    Replace engine coolant 100,000km (62,500 miles) or 5 years, thereafter every 60,000km (36000miles) or 3 years
    Replace manual transmission fluid Every 120,000km (75,000miles) or 8 years
    Inspect front and rear brakes xxxxxxxxxx
    Replace brake fluid Every 3 years
    Check parking brake adjustment xx x x x x
    Replace dust and pollen filter Every 30,000km (18,750miles) or 1 year
    Check lights alignment xxxxxxxxxx
    Test drive ( noise, stability, dashboard operation) xxxxxxxxxx
    Check expiry date for IMS bottle (if equipped) xxxxxxxxxx
    Visually inspect the following Items :
    - Tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots
    - Suspension components
    - Driveshaft boots
    - Brake hoses and lines (Including ABS) xxxxxxxxxx
    - All fluid levels and condition of fluid
    - Exhaust system
    - Fuel lines and connections IssueDate
    - Tyre condition New 17-Jun-03